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Author: Rachel

Could Being Unconsciously Passive-Aggressive be Ruining Your Relationships?

As a matchmaker, I often meet people unable to identify whether they’re acting in a passive-aggressive way. So what does passive-aggressive behavior look like? And how can you make a change?

Maclynn International’s Statement on Coronavirus

The team at Vida (trading as Maclynn International) are committed to the wellbeing of our members and staff. We take pride in delivering an exceptional level of customer service and tailoring membership to meet the individual needs of each client. In line with our values we will offer as much flexibility as possible to include […]

What is a Platonic Relationship, Are they Healthy and Can they Be Sustained?

Platonic relationships do involve love, but this is not to be confused with love seen within romantic relationships.

Singles’ Guide to Valentine’s Day Fun

The best plan to tackle Valentine’s Day is to plan a day around you and your brilliant friends who might also be in the same boat. Here’s some ideas on both sides of the pond that don’t involve sitting at a table for one in a restaurant full of couples.

Is It True Love? 7 Questions to Ask a Potential Life Partner

Does your partner perceive you as someone who exists primarily to serve their happiness? Do they value you as a person? If you’re still weighing up the pros and cons of getting together with someone, it’s very much worth your time and effort to have a dialogue with them about their values, their views and their perception of what love really means.

7 Relationship Advice Tips from a Chartered Psychologist and Matchmaker

Asking for relationship advice, whether it’s from a friend, family member of professional can sometimes be a little tricky.

The Top 10 Hottest NYC Rooftop Bars: Rated by Dating Professionals

Whether you’re on a first date or several dates in, there are few better ways to invigorate the mood with romance than drinks overlooking the cinematic views of New York City.

The 7 Finest Cocktail Bars in New York: The Matchmaker’s Choice

The cutting-edge culture of cocktail mixology in New York City is second to none and, rightfully, world-renowned.

The Matchmaking Institute: the world’s only certified school of love

To most New Yorkers, that is nothing more than an arbitrary address – but to a small, elite community of professionals and experts, The Matchmaking Institute is none other than the hub of some of the world’s most talented love gurus.

Maclynn International’s top romantic New Year’s Eve Hotspots

New Year’s Eve is brimming with romance. Here are some of our favourite spots to ring in 2017.

Matchmaking in Chicago

In this iconic City at the heart of America, with its sweeping skyline of impressively high architecture, where you can browse works of art in some of the fabulous galleries, savor Michelin-starred cuisine or take a stroll along the beautiful banks of the river, working with Maclynn International to find your life partner makes dating […]

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