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Over the years, we have celebrated many successes with our clients. Success to us is that pivotal moment when a client says “we’ve decided to commit to each other” and we wish them well on their new chapter. Here, we share just a few successes, for which we are immensely proud.

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Some testimonials from Maclynn members, past and present...

  • After losing my husband, I never thought I would be able to fall in love again. My matchmaker reassured me that there can be multiple soul mates for people and that I would once again feel the love I felt before. I started the process slowly and ended up meeting someone after five months. I am currently enjoying every minute of getting to know him and feeling in love again.'

    Ashley, NYC

  • Things are going great between X and I. He is really amazing – thank you for working your matchmaking magic!

    D, NYC

  • Elise hits the nail on the head when it comes to selecting my matches. These are actually the kinds of women I want to meet! With her guidance, I feel more optimistic about dating.

    T, New Jersey

  • I was reluctant to pursue the assistance of a “matchmaker.” However, after meeting the very personable Gina, and learning more about the company and their services, I decided to try it out. Although I have not yet met my “match”, I have been introduced to attractive, professional women, with similar interests. I would absolutely recommend their services. Gina’s expertise shines, she fully understands my personality and preferences. I am completely satisfied.

    P, NYC

  • Elise I think of as not just my matchmaker but a wonderfully compatible match of our own for this process. She is charming and thorough in her approach, but most importantly, like me, she is upbeat. Realistic while also enthusiastic. Securing a meeting of hearts and minds is like “finding a needle in a haystack.” Elise is making of this for me a much more possible dream.

    R, Vermont

  • Judy and I had a lovely day together yesterday, walking around Central Park.

    She’s going to come and visit my house in the Hamptons, and I am really loving every minute I spend with her. She’s so thoughtful and I’m loving our deep conversations. I can’t believe how happy I feel to be starting a relationship with someone again. Thank you Elise. You’re so kind to help me on this journey.

    C, NYC

  • I really cannot thank Alice enough for introducing us. Things have been going so well, I’m very happy!

    J, NYC

  • Gina, she is great! Please put my membership on hold- I have no interest in meeting anyone else – thank you Gina.

    R B, NYC

  • Alex is extraordinarily professional, kind, empathic and a great listener. He represented his client with enthusiasm and I discovered he was totally accurate regarding his assessment of her after she and I had a Zoom meeting. He is terrific!

    S, Greenwich

  • Anna is fab. We are having a fabulous weekend together and have just booked a trip to Mexico. We love you Gina!

    D, NYC

  • I am so happy Gina! I really appreciate you supporting us all the way through to this point! We wouldn’t have got here without you. Thank you so so much.

    S, LA

  • Gina, you and I clicked in a way where you truly understand. I remember when I met you, I said this girl will do something if I work with her. And it’s played out in the most extraordinary way. It’s so hard to come across compassionate people.

    R, NYC

  • I’ve been a client for almost six months having spent six prior years on dating sites. The women that I’ve been introduced to have all been smart, kind and interesting. I’m currently getting to know a fascinating woman, and wouldn’t it be lovely if she and I turn out to be compatible!

    Elise has continued to make piercing observations about who I am and what my core values are, and honed her sense of what I truly need in a partner.

    Working with Maclynn has bolstered my belief that there is someone out there with whom I can develop a deep and lasting bond…we’re going to find her, and we may have done so already!

    GE, NYC

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