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Do likeminded couples stay together better, or does it ring true that opposites attract? The biggest indicator of long-term success is typically neither shared hobbies or balanced personalities, but rather aligned core values.

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Virtual Dating

Now is the time to get inventive with dating and here are some fun ideas you can do for a date night, date lunch or even a class with the National Ballet.. the options are endless!

Popping The Question

A guide on how, when, and where to get on one knee for the popping the big question. It’s one of the happiest moments in life and here at Maclynn, we’d love to assist in making it a little happier any way we can.

Paradox of Choice: How FOMO Can Make Dating in the Modern Age Difficult  

When faced with too many options to consider, we can find ourselves overwhelmed and feeling as though we’ll be missing opportunities either way we choose. The dating apps are no exclusion to this, how are you supposed to weed through millions of profiles within a twenty mile radius?

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