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Have you had those moments where you've sat back to take stock and considered why are you in a relationship, rather than NOT in one? And what is it that keeps you together?

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Back Burner Relationships: A Very Modern Dating Phenomenon

“Back burners” are those people we stay in touch with in the hope of someday pursuing a relationship, be that long-term or casual.

How to Cope With Being Ghosted

Ghosting (as you probably know), is when your date stops all communication with no explanation, often leaving you feeling hurt, confused and rejected. I explore why this occurs and what you can do about it.

The Loneliness of Social Isolation: Why Romantic Connection is Essential

We all require different degrees of social interaction and connection. Some of us are social butterflies, flitting our way through the seas of people, finding pleasure in the wonderful opportunities presented by simply interacting with another person. While others find themselves exhausted by the waves of energy emitted by other people, wishing to remain in the comfort of their home exploring the world of their own mind. Still yet, there are the remaining individuals that fall somewhere in between, juggling their desire to interact with others and wanting to find solace in their solitude.

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