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As a matchmaker, I often meet people unable to identify whether they’re acting in a passive-aggressive way. So what does passive-aggressive behavior look like? And how can you make a change?

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Maclynn International’s Statement on Coronavirus

The team at Vida (trading as Maclynn International) are committed to the wellbeing of our members and staff. We take pride in delivering an exceptional level of customer service and tailoring membership to meet the individual needs of each client. In line with our values we will offer as much flexibility as possible to include […]

Nothing Can Stop Love

Dating in these circumstances may seem dangerous and futile, but it doesn't have to be. With the internet, online dating and FaceTime we are fortunate to live in a time where developing a relationship is possible without ever leaving the house.

How to Truly Move on From a Past Love

Being in a relationship means making compromises and if you break up, there might be some degree of ‘untangling’ needed. We believe that by removing all reminders, starting to see the positives and moving forward are the first steps to moving on from a break up.

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