What is your favorite thing about being a matchmaker?

Its a privilege to serve my clients; they are some of the most impressive and accomplished humans and it’s a joy to play a role in their intimate private lives. Facilitating meaningful connections and helping them achieve their relationship goals makes my career fulfilling and inspiring.

As a second best thing, definitely “research dinners” where I get to check out all the best date spots to recommend to my clients 😉

What is your favorite match story?

One standout client success story involves a couple who, despite belonging to different political parties, forged a strong and loving relationship! Especially with today’s polarized climate, they navigated their political differences through open communication & mutual respect. Instead they focused on their “likeness” as the pair had a deep fondness for the arts, lived extremely active lifestyles and both shared in the experience of raising three children. They trusted in the matchmaking process, as both admitted would be an unlikely pairing if left to their own devices but were able to overcome divisive topics and build a genuine connection!

How did you get into matchmaking?

I landed on the idea of becoming a matchmaker, through an Ikigai exercise (the Japanese concept exploring the intersection of passion, skill, societal need, and financial viability). It was apparent the blend of professional skills I developed from previous roles translated seamlessly into matchmaking. My background in recruitment provided insight into compatibility, while my behavioral therapy experience deepened my understanding of human relationships. Plus, I was naturally the go-to friend in my circle for relationship advice and I love bringing people together! Matchmaking is the dream career for me!

Tell us about your life outside of work?

Outside of work, I lead an active lifestyle, going to the gym/sauna almost daily, spin classes, and I love sport – particularly soccer. I’m always reading and listening to podcasts for personal growth and entertainment. I enjoy exploring new coffee shops and trendy restaurants across LA. Traveling is a big part of my life, I’ve lived in a few countries and always enjoy exploring new places and cultures. And best of all, I cherish spending quality time with my partner Neil, sharing adventures and creating memories together <3

What does your day as a matchmaker look like?

As a professional matchmaker, my day typically involves a mix of client consultations, researching and vetting potential matches, networking with other professionals in the industry, coordinating dates and getting feedback from the dates as well. I spend a significant amount of time getting to know my clients on a personal level to understand their partner preferences, values, and relationship goals. Additionally, I might attend social events or do online networking to scout for compatible matches. You can say I have entertaining and interesting conversation everyday, & I love it!

Is date coaching like therapy?

Date coaching and therapy both aim to enhance emotional well-being and relationships, but they differ in focus and approach. Coaching concentrates on practical strategies to improve dating skills and self-confidence, often in a shorter time frame, with a goal-oriented and action-oriented approach. It’s more about empowerment, providing actionable tools, and achieving specific dating objectives. Therapy, on the other hand, addresses deeper psychological topics & traumas through introspection and therapeutic techniques guided by a clinician. Matchmaking is a great next step for singles that have done or currently use coaching / therapy and are seeking additional expert guidance in achieving their relationship goals!

Why should I hire a matchmaker rather than just using apps?

There are platforms out there for everyone but I’d consider a matchmaker the curated approach to love. While apps cast a wide net, a matchmaker provides dating expertise and meticulous vetting. Plus, through matchmaking services singles unlock access to more exclusive networks, expanding the possibilities offline. Choose a matchmaker for a bespoke journey in finding love – quality over quantity, yielding more compatible and meaningful connections.

How do you recommend telling someone it’s not a match?

Telling someone that you’re not romantically interested in them can be a sensitive situation, but it’s important to be honest, respectful, and considerate of their feelings. If you can’t share in person, a phone call is great rather than a text message which might not translate well. It’s always best to be honest yet respectful. You don’t need to go into excessive detail or provide a laundry list of reasons why you’re not interested. Keep it simple and straightforward, maybe focus on misalignment of values, goals, lifestyle etc. Also try to use “I Statements” that focus on your own feelings rather than blaming or criticizing the other person. For example, instead of saying “You did this wrong,” say “I don’t feel a romantic connection.” It’s kind to be clear and hopefully this provides feedback to improve both people’s dating journeys.

What are the 3 green flags in a new relationship?

Some green flags that indicate a healthy and promising start in a new relationship are:

Open Communication: Honest and transparent communication without fear of judgment.
Respect: Mutual respect for boundaries and individuality and supportive behavior.
Shared Visions: Alignment in core values, lifestyles and long-term relationship goals.

What’s the most common complaint you hear after a first date?

One common point of feedback I hear from clients is about not feeling a “spark” after the first date. I like to challenge this logic as research suggests that the “spark” often stems from our nervous system’s response to feeling unsafe. Instead of fixating on this elusive feeling, it’s more meaningful to focus on whether the date was enjoyable and left a positive impression. I encourage clients to assess how they feel about themselves post-date, even if neutral or indifferent about a date that can be a green light to pursue a connection further. By prioritizing fun and positive experiences, individuals can increase the likelihood of successful follow-up dates and long-term compatibility.

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