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Our team of matchmakers at Maclynn specialize in dating in New Jersey (NJ). Unlike other matchmakers in NJ, we combine personalized consultations with bespoke matchmaking to identify your perfect partner. This begins with an informal profiling session to learn more about your background and what you’re looking for in a partner.

With offices in Morristown, Maclynn is not a dating site, we’re a team of qualified matchmakers with years of experience in the industry. We’ve helped thousands of singles find love through our unique dating service.

Our dating service in New Jersey is designed to learn more about you, your past relationships and the type of relationship that you’re looking for in the future. The first step is getting in touch with our team via phone or email. We will then explain our matchmaking and dating services and whether you’re happy to continue to a personal and private consultation with one of our NJ matchmakers. We can hold this consultation over video, phone call or in person at our office. We will also discuss who your matchmaker will be, how our Private Membership works and the type of people you will meet through our service.


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Matchmaking for New Jersey Singles


Your Private Consultation

You have now been assigned your personal matchmaker – who will, over time, become a friend as well as your matchmaking professional. In your session, you will discuss some personal topics, including your previous relationship(s), your hobbies and the type of person you are looking for (core values, shared beliefs, plans for the future etc).

This part of the consultation is crucial because it will help your matchmaker identify the most appropriate people based on the answers and insights you provide.

After Your Session is Complete

Once you have completed your profiling session, your assigned matchmaker will then start searching for compatible singles using our private network. Once we have identified a number of suitable matches, we’ll get in touch and discuss some profiles with you.

If you’re impressed by their profile and want to take things further, we can get in touch with the match and begin a communications channel. If you want to exchange phone numbers or contact details, you will of course be able to.

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Co-ordinating your dates

We can also help arrange meetups and dates in and around New Jersey. If in your profiling session you said you were open to meeting people from outside of New Jersey (USA wide or even as far as Europe, Asia, Australia, etc) then we can also search across the globe.

Join Our Exclusive Network

Private Membership

Guaranteed introductions

Personally assigned matchmaker

Proactive search for compatible matches

Access to over 17,000 vetted Open Members

Exclusive headhunting for matches in your city or internationally

Invites to events, workshops, and masterclasses

Open Membership

Strictly invite-only

Passive profile registration

Opportunity to be matched with a Private Member (not guaranteed)

Invites to events, workshops, and masterclasses

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Do you cater for senior dating?
Of course! We have helped hundreds of senior members find love through our matchmaking and dating service.
Does your process change for seniors?
Our service is different for everyone because we take everyone’s individual preferences and backgrounds into consideration. However, our core desire remains– to identify...
Do you offer international dating?
Yes, not only do we make dating in New Jersey unique through bespoke matchmaking, but we also have matchmakers and eligible singles across the globe. If you’re based in New...
Does your service extend to gay matchmaking in New Jersey?
Absolutely! Since 2015 we have been developing and investing in our gay division. The matchmaking process is again the same; we take every individual’s needs and...
What's the best thing about matchmaking and dating in New Jersey?
One of the biggest benefits of opting for a bespoke matchmaking service is the time you save. Many people struggle to find the time to meet new people during their busy...
Do you offer date coaching?
Yes, we have a unique date coaching service to help people get back on track with their love life. With our guidance, we can help people get the most out of their...

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Dating in New Jersey

If you’re tired of swiping left and right on dating apps and failing to meet the right people through online dating apps, why not try a new approach?

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