Our award-winning matchmakers are world leaders in providing dating and relationship advice to exceptional people. We provide a unique date coaching service which is designed to offer specialist dating support – helping you achieve a successful relationship.

Santa Monica and the rest of California area are exciting places to date, and we want to help you make the most of the vibrant dating scene.

Whether you suffer from relationship anxiety and need some confidence-boosting tips or you feel frustrated from previous dating experiences in Santa Monica, our dating coaches offer professional advice, guidance, and feedback to help elevate your approach to relationships.

By working together, we can help reshape your thinking and set you on a life-changing path of becoming the master of your own relationship.



How Does Date Coaching Work?

The aim of date coaching is to identify and address your concerns with relationships and dating. We can discover what’s holding you back from attaining a successful relationship while also putting a stop to self-sabotaging behaviors.

Whether you’re aiming to take your current relationship to the next level or you lack the tools to navigate the dating world of Santa Monica, we can help.



Meet Our Santa Monica Date Coach

Our dating coaches in Santa Monica have delivered excellent dating and relationship advice to hundreds of elite singles across California and around the world.



Based in our California office, Alex is our Senior Matchmaker and Relationship Coach. As a New York native, he has a passion for helping people achieve their dreams and goals in relationships.

After completing a Bachelors in Psychology, Alex went on to conduct social research for the University of Kentucky, followed by a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. After completing his studies, he went on to become a highly qualified psychotherapist and dating coach.

Boasting an extensive background in psychology and an in-depth knowledge of relational dynamics, Alex offers our clients a deep insight into their relationships while setting them on the journey to a successful dating life.




A native to the Los Angeles area, Isabella is an expert matchmaker based in our California office who has a natural compassion and empathy during sessions with her clients.

After graduating from Michigan State University with degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice, Isabella discovered her innate curiosity for international connections and kick-started her career at Maclynn with the goal of helping others find love around the world.

A penchant for unconditional acceptance and truly understanding others makes Isabella a real people-person and an asset to our industry.



What Can You Expect?

Date coaching is designed to help you take back control of your love life.

We are dedicated to working with you to achieve your desired romantic outcome. From becoming more confident on dates to navigating the romantic world outside of dating apps, we can help with:

First date advice:
Do you suffer from dating anxiety? Rather than canceling your dates, we can help you discover why you feel so anxious on the lead-up and during a date. We can also teach you about red flags and other signs to look for that signal that someone isn’t a good match, as well as how to decline a second date politely.

Discussing relationship issues:
Do you need to discuss issues with your current relationship? From breakdowns in communication to a lack of intimacy, we can help you to improve communication between you and your partner. Sometimes, a relationship simply doesn’t work out; in which case we can offer compassionate advice on how to ethically end a relationship.

Assistance with online dating:
Although online dating is a source of success for some, it can be a weakness for many more. One major issue could be stemming from your profile – does it reflect who you really are? By knowing how to create an authentic profile in the right way, you will begin noticing more of the right people showing an interest in you.



Arrange Your Date Coaching Consultation in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is an exciting place for dating. Not only are you located right near the heart of Los Angeles, but there’s so much going on in this sun-kissed city that you’ll never be left wanting.

To help you reach the top of your game, our dating coaches in Santa Monica can build your confidence and help you find your perfect partner.

Interested in learning more about our professional date coaching in Santa Monica? Get in touch with our brilliant team today.