If you live in California, you know the social opportunities are endless. The beacon of cool places and year-long amazing weather, California has a very distinct lifestyle all its own. That said, Southern and Northern California also feel like two distinct places at times and could arguably be each their own state.  When it comes to dating, it’s no different but if you’re in the market for a gay relationship, then the distances might not matter.

When it comes to gay dating, California’s the right place! Los Angeles and San Francisco are ranked as the largest gay communities in the U.S. after New York. With the overwhelming diversity and uniqueness in the Sunshine State, your partner may be just around the corner!

The Castro District – San Francisco

The Castro District in San Francisco remains one of the largest, most important symbols of LGBTQ+ activism in the world. The city is built on history and is home to the first Pride march and gay bars ever. There is great ease in the Golden Gate City knowing you are surrounded by like-minded-individuals.

West Hollywood – Los Angeles

Now travel down south to Weho and you’ll be smack in LA’s vibrant gay hub. “As chilled and welcoming as the stereotypical surfer dudes for whom Los Angeles is famed, in this sunny city, you will discover a [gay] community infused with energy, passion and genuine excitement about the future (Queer in the World).”

The Matchmaker and the long-term relationship

So why is it that our team of matchmakers on the West Coast are often connecting with gay gentlemen despite these famed demographics? As you are reading this you may be thinking what we’re thinking, it isn’t the lack of choice in the dating pool – it’s the lack of seriousness within it.

We often hear these three statements, “I see the same cycle of people out socializing,” “everyone knows everyone’s business,” or “he was great, but there was no second date.”

If this sounds familiar, we emphatically say that if you’re constantly bumping into the same group of singles, perhaps you need a fresh perspective. Our matchmakers will help you realign your search and maybe even open your eyes to our international network. The beauty of matchmaking is the ability to vet information prior to the date, so in this case there is value in “knowing everyone’s business” but under tight confidentiality.

Finally, and this is the big one, you aren’t looking for something casual. By working with a matchmaker, you are letting your prospects know that you don’t have time to waste dating people that are not in it for the long run.

Are you nodding your head in agreement to these common defeats? If so, then investing in a matchmaker is just like investing in that personal trainer of yours – that is, getting you in shape to meet your future match.

Maclynn International is an elite, multi-award-winning international dating agency. We’re renowned for bringing together highly compatible singles, and our world-class matchmakers are relationship experts in their own right. If you’re curious about how matchmaking works and if we can help you find a relationship, Get in touch – our team of dating experts is ready to introduce you to individuals with the same relationship goals! Inquire today for a complimentary consultation and change that relationship status to ‘taken!’