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Author: Gina Yannotta

The 3 Most Important Words You Can Say to Your Partner (And No, It’s Not “I Love You”)

A fundamental problem many of us will experience at some point in our lives is that no one ever really taught us exactly how to apologize. Because sometimes, “I love you” are not the 3 most important words you can say to the person you love most.

How to Truly Move on From a Past Love

Being in a relationship means making compromises and if you break up, there might be some degree of ‘untangling’ needed. We believe that by removing all reminders, starting to see the positives and moving forward are the first steps to moving on from a break up.

Top 30 Best Date Ideas NYC | A Professional Matchmaker’s Guide to NYC

New York has a wealth of fantastic date locations whether you’ve been dating for five minutes or five years.

Dating in Your 40s: My 5 Most Effective Ways to Meet Your Dream Partner

Whether you just came out of a decades-long relationship or you’ve been single for a while now, approaching the dating scene in your 40's can be a daunting prospect. But there are many ways of meeting eligible singletons that are both time-efficient and easy for the nervous dater.

Dating in the Day, I Hear You Say?

Spring is on the way! People smile, runners return to the park, and lunch can be eaten outside. I believe this is the perfect time of year to harness that positivity and go dating - in the day!

Settle Down, Get Married, Have Kids: Societal Pressures and How to Forge Your Own Path

There comes a point in life where you see everyone getting married, babies and promotions galore, and suddenly you feel like you're seriously lagging behind. Just who invented these ‘deadlines’? And what if — God forbid — you feel like there’s more to you as a person?

Why Managing your Expectations Could Save your Relationship

Aggravated that your needs are not being met? What are those expectations, and are you and your partner aligned on them? Taking time to better understand your needs and desires may be a vital part of establishing a successful partnership.

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence for a Better Love Life

Emotional intelligence is paramount to enjoying a successful relationship. By taking the time to understand why you feel as you do and honing your ability to better communicate this, I believe you will create the footing for an emotionally open and honest pairing.  

How Do Values and Personality Traits Affect Wellbeing?

Love doesn’t just stem from nowhere. It’s the product of a myriad of forces. And if you don’t share some fundamental values with your partner, love probably won’t form at all. Research indicates that changes in personality can affect your values. How might this impact not only your relationships but also your wellbeing?

How Can We Keep The Spark Alive?

Holding hands, frequent hugs, regular compliments . . . These aspects of relationships may wane as we become more established and ‘normal life’ takes over. Perhaps all it takes is a few acts of kindness and consideration for the needs of both you and your partner to keep the spark alive.

Time, Money, Love: How a Matchmaker Can Help You Find Happiness

So much to do and so little time? Wealth is often a direct result of having spent a relatively large proportion of one’s time on one’s career — but sometimes at the expense of one’s personal life. What could be more important than that?

When and how to have the “exclusive” chat?

Things are getting a little more intense, you’re in contact often, and there's a definite connection. But how do you know whether your partner is on the same page? It's time to have the 'exclusive' chat.

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