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Author: Gina Yannotta

When Friends Fall in Love: The Study Changing the Discourse

Movies certainly paint the picture of love at first sight, but what about friends slowly developing feelings, perhaps even to their own surprise?

Are You Still Thinking About Your Ex?

Years have passed—maybe even decades. You’ve had two, maybe three serious relationships since them. Maybe you’ve even married, had kids, bought a house. The whole caboodle.

Are Money Matters a Source of Conflict in Your Relationship?

Money is a common trigger of arguments no matter how strong the relationship. Learning to communicate about financial issues with your partner is crucial for a healthy relationship. Many people didn’t grow up learning about money or how to discuss finances.

10 Misconceptions About Love

Our perception of what makes a relationship healthy can be skewed—and often we don’t realize. We look at the biggest myths, mistakes, and blind spots that damage relationships.

5 Ways Secrets Can Damage Your Relationship

Keeping secrets deprives those who love us the most of the chance to help us—even if learning the secret may hurt them in the process. It’s a complex and intricate web of emotions, and secret keeping in a relationship can seem like a good idea when you know the information will cause pain, conflict, or embarrassment.

Can Whirlwind Romances Ever Last?

When you’re in an exciting new relationship, you may wonder if your whirlwind romance is moving too fast yet not press the pause button to stop look and think.

Why Do I Blame My Partner So Much When Things Go Wrong?

We’re all prone to unfair blaming from time to time. Often it’s easier in the moment to shirk responsibility than face up to something probably being our fault.

Situationships: Would You Even Know If You Were in One?

A situationship arises when the relationship between two people remains undefined, even though on paper they seem romantically interested.

Why Do Some Couples Get “Stuck” in Their Relationships?

Many of us have experienced that moment where we look back on a previous relationship, especially with the added benefit of hindsight, and think 'we should have broken up sooner'.

The Gift of Giving Explored

As the festive season is upon us, just how important is gift giving? Celebrating seasons, religious and national holidays is part of the ritual of life. Does giving at these times feel like an obligation? Do you ever experience a sense of pressure about what is enough? Too much, too little, the right thing? Do we give because we’re reminded, or because we experience a sense of joy and well-being?

Slaying the Green-Eyed Monster: Is Your Jealousy Legit—Or Are You Overreacting?

Pretty much anyone who’s ever been in a relationship will have been jealous at one time or another. No one’s proud of it, sure—but we’re all human and it can be managed and even overcome.

Is There a Sixth Love Language?

Is there such a thing as a sixth love language? If there is, it’s probably not what you think.

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