When it comes to dating in New York City you may feel lost in the crowd, and that’s not uncommon in a city as big and bustling as NYC. Finding the time to date can also make things needlessly stressful when you are juggling a career and other responsibilities – and when you do find time to meet up with someone, it hurts even more when that date you’ve been looking forward to amounts to nothing serious.

This is when you might start considering what other options are out there, which is where Maclynn can help. We pride ourselves on being among the best matchmakers in NYC through our private, bespoke and psychology-led approach to helping single men and women kickstart their journeys to long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

Our priority is introducing you to like-minded, exceptional people who share your vision of developing strong connections and forging lifelong relationships. We believe our service is one-of-a-kind and we’d like to explain why we think we’re the best matchmakers in NYC.

What Makes Us the Best Matchmakers in NYC?

We believe that the best matchmakers in NYC are those that prioritize their clients’ privacy, are meticulous with their profiling and identifying compatible partners, and are empathetic toward their clients’ relationship situations and expectations. Communication and transparency are at the heart of successful matchmaking, and the relationship you develop with your matchmaker is crucial in the search for your perfect partner. 

Ultimately, feeling comfortable and confident in your matchmaker puts you in a much better position for matchmaking to succeed.

How We Work

Our process is meticulous and tailored to you, ensuring that we cover everything so that we can identify your perfect partner. This begins with a private profiling session conducted by your assigned matchmaker:

Your Psychology-led Compatibility Profiling Session

What separates us from other matchmakers in NYC is our psychology-led approach. As soon as you become a private member, you will be introduced to your matchmaker, who will become your confidant and friend throughout your 8 – 16 month membership. Your first step to finding your perfect partner involves taking part in a compatibility profiling session, which is led by your assigned matchmaker. 

We have spent years perfecting our process and are extremely proud that it has helped hundreds of single men and women find love in New York and across the globe. Our matchmaking model of professional consultation is established by a steadfast groundwork of psychological assessment. We understand how to help our members hone in on what they truly want out of a relationship – then make it happen.

Access to an Unrivalled Network of Exceptional Singletons

We pride ourselves on being the only matchmakers in NYC who boast a private and exclusive offline network of over 10,000 exceptional single men and women, all selected by our team of matchmakers. Extending way beyond the scope of NYC, our network includes people from cosmopolitan cities across the world. 

Each member in our private network has been chosen based on their successes and achievements in life, whether this is through business, academia, creative or artistic excellence or travelling the world. Above all else, our members are dedicated to finding their forever partner and settling down with someone who values and reciprocates their core values and long-term relationship goals.

Working With the Best Award-Winning Matchmakers in NYC

Over the years we have won numerous awards that have helped us become one of the most recognized and best matchmaking companies in NYC and across the globe. Judged by an independent panel, the criteria takes into account everything from customer service and approachability to success rate. We hold an over 80% client success rate.

We are proud to have won and been named the UK Matchmaking Agency of the Year 2017, European Matchmaking Agency of the Year 2016 and International Matchmaker of the Year 2017. We are also regularly featured in leading news publications for our work, including Forbes, Grazia, The New York Times, The Guardian, Women’s Health and HuffPost to name a few. 

We have also been lucky enough to receive fantastic feedback from our previous clients if you’d like to hear more about their matchmaking experience with Maclynn.

Is Matchmaking Right for You?

Matchmaking works best for those who are truly ready to form a genuine, lifelong connection with someone. Only you can know if you are ready to start the journey to search for your forever partner and if you’re still unsure, having a chat with our team will certainly help. It’s important to remember that we cannot provide a relationship – instead, we provide private and personalized introductions with exceptional people based on your profile. 

We will of course be there to aid and support you throughout your 6 – 18 month membership, but your approach to the people we match you with is in your hands.

Are You Ready to Find Your Forever Partner?

Through your assigned matchmaker’s guidance and your dedication to committing to a relationship, you have two of the core requirements for succeeding in a matchmaking journey. The best matchmakers in NYC are the ones that put their clients first, and for us, that means creating a process that is bespoke to their needs and expectations. 

If you’re looking to start your journey to finding your forever partner, we’re here to help. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about our high-end matchmaking service in NYC, we’ll happily talk you through our process. 

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