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Client stories

My client joined in March 2017. He is a lawyer who splits his time between NYC & London. He is 34, and wanted to meet a woman who had a similar mentality to life, someone who had also lived globally and has an international mind-set. The women he was meeting didn’t fit on an intellectual level or attraction. His core values are centred around education, his family, and health, and he was looking to find someone who complemented this. 

I completed his Compatibility Profiling over an afternoon Skype conversation. He was then heading to New York to spend a month there. On his second introduction in NYC I matched him with a gorgeous New Yorker. She is truly inspirational, warm, upbeat, and like him, healthy. She has a passion for learning, is a successful writer, and can talk on all subjects. My client had met his match! They are still together and he is very pleased it only took him 3 introductions to meet his ideal lovely lady.

– Alice

Gina, you and I clicked in a way where you truly understand. I remember when I met you, I said this girl will do something if I work with her. And it’s played out in the most extraordinary way. It’s so hard to come across compassionate people.


After losing my husband, I never thought I would be able to fall in love again. My matchmaker reassured me that there can be multiple soul mates for people and that I would once again feel the love I felt before. I started the process slowly and ended up meeting someone after five months. I am currently enjoying every minute of getting to know him and feeling in love again.

Ashley, NYC

I am so happy Gina! I really appreciate you supporting us all the way through to this point! We wouldn’t have got here without you. Thank you so so much.


I was reluctant to pursue the assistance of a “matchmaker.” However, after meeting the very personable Gina, and learning more about the company and their services, I decided to try it out.  Although I have not yet met my “match”, I have been introduced to attractive, professional women, with similar interests.  I would absolutely recommend their services.  Gina’s expertise shines, she fully understands my personality and preferences.  I am completely satisfied.


Dan is a highly successful entrepreneur and business owner. Sharply handsome, charming and kind, Dan, a divorcee, was the very definition of a ‘catch’. An incredibly intelligent gentleman and a lover of deep conversations, he was in need of someone who could match him intellectually, stimulate his imagination, challenge his worldview. The women Dan was meeting were very nice, sure – but they weren’t on the same intellectual level as he was.

Dan is a goal setter. He decides what he’s going to do, then he does it. Ordinarily, the world of love doesn’t work quite so formulaically (if only), but, in coming to Maclynn International, Dan was able to bypass dates with women who weren’t right for him and streamline the entire process. When Dan and I first met, he told me straight: “Gina, I know you’ll be the one to get me into a relationship.”

The woman I introduced him to was a thinker, a reader. She was articulate, thoughtful, compassionate and genuine. She’s well-travelled, cultured; she yearned to meet a gentleman of a similar mindset, who’d seen the world, who was athletic, driven, funny. Dan was all of these and more. All I had to do was light the match, sit back and watch the romance take hold.

Fast-forward to four months later. My husband and I are walking up to the front door of a beautiful home. We’re welcomed by Dan and his match; it’s their house-warming.

– Gina

Things are going great between X and I.  He is really amazing – thank you for working your matchmaking magic!


Gina, she is great! Please put my membership on hold- I have no interest in meeting anyone else – thank you Gina.


I really cannot thank Alice enough for introducing us. Things have been going so well, I’m very happy!


Anna is fab. We are having a fabulous weekend together and have just booked a trip to Mexico.  We love you Gina!


Rachel is a go-getting, effusive lady who was enjoying a successful career in finance when I first met her. She had never married and she didn’t have children. She really wanted both.

Rachel is a classic example of the high-flying clients to whom we at Maclynn International are accustomed. She had the business acumen and incredible drive to have climbed high up the corporate ladder – but she also had a humble, family-oriented, gentle side known only to a certain few (including me, her matchmaker). In Rachel’s experience, the men she was meeting only fit into one of these two categories. 

I introduced Rachel to her match in October 2018. In Rachel’s own words, he was the ‘salt-of-the-earth’. He’s assertive, strong, tenacious, but incredibly proud of where he’s come from and who he is. He had recently changed path from corporate finance to entrepreneurism and had created an incredible organization with a philanthropic initiative.

Rachel and her match hit it off as if they’d known one another all their lives. They fell head over heels, have been introduced to each other’s families, and are still together to this day.

– Gina

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