As a matchmaker living in a post-Covid world, I’ve seen first-hand what the pandemic has done to the modern dating scene and experience – and not just in NYC, but across the country and even in Europe and Asia (as we work with clientele internationally). People are re-entering the dating scene with a newfound sense of purpose.

But more than that, they also seem to possess a newfound sense of clarity. Finding a life partner has become increasingly important (especially after a year of restrictions), and so have many of the other things we think of when we consider ‘what truly matters’ (i.e. a better work-life balance, more time for the people we love, living where you want vs. where your job demands, etc).

People know better now what they’re looking for and what matters to them. This is, predictably, very helpful to a matchmaker in determining long-term compatibility.

Identifying goals in relationships

More often than not, people enter a relationship without thinking about (or even knowing) what their long-term life goals are. The question Where do I want to be in ten years? can be daunting (especially in a time as uncertain as 2021), but the ability to answer it can be helpful in promoting long-term, happy, healthy romantic relationships. It seems the pandemic may have given some people a better idea of what this looks like for them.

We’ve all heard the same story many times over – of divorcees and broken-hearted exes investing years into a relationship before ultimately realizing they had two completely different visions for the future. At first, they seem well-aligned, before later uncovering that they want to settle in entirely different cities, or that their decision to have children (or how to have children) looks nothing the same.

Making it happen

A very interesting point, as discussed recently in an article by Jackie & John Coleman of Harvard Business Review, is that we are actually more likely to achieve our individual long-term goals if we do so with a partner.

This could mean having a gym buddy to motivate yourself to exercise, or it could be a spouse who supports you as you to open that business you’ve always dreamed of. Either way, the research is clear – setting goals with someone by your side increases your chances of successfully meeting them.

What’s so interesting about this data is, how contrary it seems to so many of our career-minded clients. They’ve convinced themselves that in order to progress in their professional lives, they need to put the rest to the side.

But maybe they would’ve been more successful if they had the right person standing beside them – someone who was aligned with their goals, cheering them on from the sidelines. This trope has continued through the pandemic, with people reluctant to start the search for their partner in fear it isn’t the ideal time.

Embracing periods of transition 

But what better time than now? People are in transition, ready for their next chapter, and more serious than ever about finding a committed relationship. They’ve had time to consider what they need and what works best for them, and in the near future, once the pandemic is under control, they’ll begin working towards their goals again.

As we enter this new phase post quarantines, regulations, and restrictions, we’ll find immense potential waiting on the other side – and where will you be when that happens?

If you’re not sure exactly, we’d be happy to help. At Maclynn International, we are experts at matchmaking – but we also offer relationship coaching and comprehensive dating plans. Not only can we connect you with the right people, but we can guide you through the process. Contact us today to learn more.