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Author: Elise Braunschweiger

Modern Day Marriage: How Our Expectations Have Gotten Higher Over Time

Have the expectations of marriage, and the meaning we make of it, changed over time? If so, how do we manage the expectations around marriage?

Why the Dating Scene Might Actually Be Better Than Ever

The pandemic came as a shock to us all. A year down the line and as a matchmaker, I am in a prime position to share with you the impact it is having on the modern dating scene.

Gay Matchmaking in NYC

29 Jun

More and more gay men and women are turning away from the tired dating apps and gay bars and turning towards the highly tailored, gay matchmaking.

Body Language: What are You Communicating?

Most people don’t give much thought to what their body language is communicating, but an otherwise perfect date can be soured by poor body language.

Emotional Intelligence: The Secret Ingredient to Happy Relationships

Maybe you’ve struggled to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your partner, or perhaps your partner has failed to take the time to understand them. Many of us have experienced a lack of emotional intelligence in our relationships, and here's why we believe it is crucial to a happy relationship.

7 Things NOT to Do on a Date

Securing the date is one of the hardest parts – all you have to do now is not mess it up. This list could go far beyond just seven useful suggestions, but here are some of the most important ones to keep in mind.

Popping The Question

A guide on how, when, and where to get on one knee for the popping the big question. It’s one of the happiest moments in life and here at Maclynn, we’d love to assist in making it a little happier any way we can.

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