6 New Date Night Ideas in Hudson County

29 June 2022 | 6 mins

Maclynn explores the perfect date night ideas in Hudson County. From dining in famed local Italian restaurants to taking a walk in Sinatra’s footsteps, our guide to date nights in Hudson County is unique to this iconic county.

However, Bayonne Bridge isn’t the only thing connecting people in Hudson County. As professional matchmakers operating in New York and across the US, we specialise in identifying exceptional people and providing private and personal introductions with singles who share your core beliefs and relationship desires.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best date night ideas to enjoy in Hudson County.

Take a Walk in Sinatra’s Footsteps

Take a stroll through Hoboken and experience all the significant locations and sights that inspired Sinatra to become one of the most revered and iconic musicians ever. Hoboken is decorated with all things Sinatra, from the Blue Eyes Cuisine to the statue of the man himself, which can be found along the Sinatra Park, testaments to Sinatra’s life can be found all over Hoboken.

We’ve made a handy guide below for you (but feel free to pave your own path!)

  1. Start at 415 Monroe Street, where Sinatra was born. Although the building was demolished in 1970, the city memorialized Sinatra’s home in 1996.
  2. Make your way to St. Francis Church where Sinatra was baptized.
  3. Head to 333 Jefferson Street, where Sinatra’s parents owned a bar named Marty O’Briens.
  4. Then walk up to Tutty’s Bar, located at 6120 Adams Street – it was once a famed gathering spot for Sinatra and his friends would socialize and occasionally sing to the public!
  5. If you’re hungry by this point, Dom’s Bakery at 506 Grand Street is the same bakery where Sinatra and his family would shop for their bread. Even today it remains Hoboken’s most well-known bakery.
  6. To end, head to Leo’s Grandevous later in the evening. Located at 200 Grand Street, this is one of the most popular Italian restaurants in the area and one of Sinatra’s favorite places to eat.

Taking a walk along your local promenade, park or anywhere close that’s quiet and boasts beautiful scenery will always be a great first date idea. Marvel at the lights of Hoboken’s cityscape and walk in the shoes of Sinatra with your significant other. The beauty of taking this walk is that you always have a conversation topic to fall back on if there’s ever a slight lull.

Dine Like Sinatra at Leo Grandevous

Continuing with the Sinatra theme, Leo’s remains one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Hoboken and pays homage to Sinatra by reserving a chair for him. One of the oldest restaurants in Hoboken, Leo’s ticks all the boxes for a memorable date night in Hudson County. Managed and owned by the original owners, Leo’s is adored by the locals and those farther out. You and your mate can reminisce and marvel at the Sinatra memorabilia which includes a Sinatra-only jukebox and a wall of photographs of Sinatra in Hoboken and the restaurant itself.

Enjoy a Late Night Picnic in Elysian Park

One of the best things about Hoboken is the number of parks and greenery that lies within it. One of our favorite parks is Pier A, as it has fantastic views of the city and gets even better at night as you can watch the city twinkle in the twilight sky. Elysian Park is also a great spot for an evening stroll with a glass of wine or even an evening picnic as it’s quieter than Pier A and more wooded.

Take a Sunset Cruise With Hudson Cat

If you like the idea of watching the sunset on the Hudson Bay Horizon, Hudson Cat has you covered. At 6:00, the Hudson Cat’s sunset cruise begins and you will experience a charter that sails out from the Liberty Harbor Martina (or the Borth Cove Marina depending on what starting destination you have chosen). This is a private charter, so you won’t have to worry about being paired with any other people.

Hudson Cat also operates on a BYOB and food policy, so you can share a bottle of wine and some snacks with your date as you watch the sunset over the beautiful Hudson River.

Visit the Oasis of La Prairie at The Ritz-Carlton

While this is based in New York, we feel this is worth the short trip through the Holland Tunnel. The Ritz-Carlton is, in their own words, ‘luxury redefined’. If you have been to Ritz-Carlton before, you may already know it has gone through a complete refurbishment. Fear not, their iconic townhouse-esq tranquility hasn’t gone anywhere, but it is now complemented by the contemporary works of both renowned and up-and-coming NYC artists.

Set in one of the most iconic locations in NYC,  and boasting exquisitely decorated guest rooms and the revered La Prairie Spa, it’s easy to see why the reimagined Ritz-Carlton continues to receive glistening reviews.

If you’re looking for unrivalled, blissful relaxation in the heart of NYC, La Prairie Spa is difficult to match. An Oasis in Manhattan, La Prairie offers a collection of luxury treatments of both a therapeutic and results-orientated disposition. Select from three exceptional therapies, La Prairie Luxury Facial, Radiant Gold Facial and Total Bliss. La Prairie Luxury Facial focuses primarily on quality skincare rejuvenation, whereas the Radian Gold and Total Bliss treatments incorporate nourishing massages.

For the true romantics and those looking to make an impression, booking a spa treatment at La Prairie may go down as one of the most memorable date night experiences for your significant other.

Experience Local Luxury at The Grand Vin

As soon as you enter Grand Vin, you will notice charcoal chairs tucked neatly into rustic oak tables and fine wine glasses sitting politely on top. Grand Vin does a great job of combining a rustic setting with an intimate atmosphere, ideal for a romantic date night in Hudson County.

Their menu doesn’t disappoint either, with a carefully selected wine list, crisp craft beers and an exquisite food menu using locally-sourced ingredients, you won’t have to travel into Manhattan to enjoy a premium date night in Hudson County.


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