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Maclynn is a premium dating agency for exceptional Santa Monica singles. We provide psychology-based matchmaking for long-term relationships. Inquire today.

Online dating has been a source of success for many single men and women as it has helped them find long-term relationships. However, Santa Monica dating sites often don’t offer the required level of personalization that many would like to experience when looking for love – resulting in poor matches and weak emotional connections.

Maclynn offers a unique solution.

Our dating and relationship experts use an intelligent combination of personalized consulting with psychology-based matchmaking to identify a potential partner who shares your core beliefs, morals, and desire for a successful relationship.


How Maclynn Differs from Other Dating Agencies in Santa Monica

Your journey with Maclynn can simply begin with a call or an email. From here, we can discuss what our matchmaking services entail and how the process works to help you determine whether or not this is the right option for you.

Once you have decided to proceed, we can begin.

During your first 30-minute private consultation, we will ask a series of questions which will help your matchmaker understand your personality, your interests, and what kind of person you are looking for. We may also discuss your past relationships.

Some additional questions during this session will include your sexual orientation and gender identity, your family relationships, your career, religion, and any other topics you deem important to discuss.

Rather than creating a top-level, non–specific, dating profile, these first sessions will involve the creation of an in-depth profile for use with our worldwide network of over 20,000 elite singles. This comprehensive profile, combined with our psychology-based matchmaking, allows us to identify genuinely compatible partners.

This entire process is designed to be a laid-back and enjoyable experience, and we aim to provide a compassionate and comfortable environment in which you can freely discuss the details of your romantic life under the strictest levels of confidentiality and discretion.

Securing Your Match in Santa Monica

Once we have completed your bespoke profiling session, we will add your profile into our global network of elite singles. From here, we can cross-reference your profile with others in terms of your preferences and compatibility.

This is an extremely thorough process, and it can take a few weeks for us to discover matches with the highest levels of compatibility and the highest potential for a successful relationship with you.

Once we have found a selection of matches, we will invite you into our office via call or email or we can meet via video call as well. During these kinds of meetings, we will discuss our findings, and you will be able to sieve through our chosen profiles until one stands out for you.

Once someone piques your interest, we can then get in touch to see if there is a shared interest and begin the intricate process of planning your first date.

You will also be able to share your phone numbers to begin chatting with your match – helping you get to know each other prior to the meeting.

Arranging your First Date

The planning of your first date with your match will depend on both of your locations. Things are made simple when you are both based in Santa Monica, as we can simply agree on a time and place to meet that suits you both. However, things get more interesting when you match with someone farther out.

If you match with someone out of state or overseas, you can work alongside your matchmaker to discuss the best place to meet as we have the capacity to organize dates anywhere around the globe. This can be in either of your own home locations or a chosen midway point.

Maclynn – Elite Santa Monica Dating Agency for Exceptional Singles

Our dating and relationship experts understand how chaotic and unpredictable modern dating sites are to navigate, which is why our psychology-based matchmaking service enables you to go about your life whilst we search for your lifelong partner.

Talk to our team today to understand more about who we are, how we work and why matchmaking may be right for you.



About the Author

Sarah Powell

Sarah Powell is our Managing Partner at the California office. She is a native Californian and has also lived internationally in both Australia and the UK. She obtained a Baccalaureate in Biological Sciences and credentials in Applied Behavioral Analysis, which has provided her with a psychology-driven approach to matchmaking. Sarah previously founded her own date coaching business and has years of headhunting experience, thus is well versed in pinpointing compatible couplings. Sarah finds matchmaking gives her great purpose- a life dedicated to cultivating love and connection.

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