Top 5 Summer Dating Tips (Courtesy of a Professional Matchmaker)

17 June 2019 | 4 mins

As a professional matchmaker, I often see a change in the wants and needs of my clients at this time of year. Here are my 5 top tips for summer dating.

Summer dating is on the horizon. As the days get longer and the sunshine gets warmer, it is the end of what has become known as ‘cuffing season’. In fall and winter, avid singletons find themselves yearning to be ‘cuffed’, tied down. (In a relationship, that is – no S&M connotations here).

It would seem that the cold weather, the darker and shorter days, evoke in singletons an urge to find someone to warm their bed, so to speak, someone to cuddle up with on freezing winter nights – someone to cure their unexpected sense of loneliness.

It could be easy to dismiss cuffing season as a fad, but dating app Hinge conducted a poll in 2015 (as documented by Vogue) and found that men are 15% likelier to be actively seeking a relationship in winter than during any other season. Although women were less active, they were still 5% likelier to be looking for a ‘winter warmer’ than during other seasons. Come summer, men were 11% less likely to be seeking a relationship. Women were 5% less likely. Why?

Summer is much more relaxed. People want to chill outdoors, bask in the sun, enjoy nature with their friends, soak up some rays. They don’t necessarily want to be cuffed. Summer evokes a sense of endless possibilities for exciting trysts with strangers, the old-as-time cliché of the summer romance.

As a professional matchmaker, I often see a change in the wants and needs of my clients at this time of year.

Here are my 5 top tips for summer dating.

  • Casual – but not lazy

The blazing heat of summer triggers something in people, transforming them into vacation mode quicker than you can say ‘piña colada’. The hot weather changes your attire, too – let’s face it, there’s more skin on show, and this can turn up the heat in other ways. On a date, though, remember to balance comfort with looking your hottest (as in sexiest, not sweatiest). Although speaking of sweat…

  • Stay fresh

Perspiration is natural, especially during summer. Avoid dates that might exacerbate the situation, such as in crowded locations, or places with insufficient air conditioning. When possible, ensure that you have deodorant to hand. If the date is an extensive one, and taking place during the daytime, frequenting the bathroom to freshen up can be invaluable.

  • Ditch the sunglasses

Hey, no-one’s questioning how hot you look in your brand new Ray-Bans. Sunglasses are practical, stylish and a staple accessory for summer. On a date, though, you must prioritize your connection with the other person – and people forget that eye contact, especially up close, is the easiest, sincerest, sexiest way of conveying (and perceiving) romantic interest. Never disregard its importance. If you’re feeling confident enough, you might even request that they remove their shades, too – “I’d like to see those beautiful eyes.” Easy!

  • Gather your single friends

Summer dating is exciting. People are more inclined toward adventure, exploration, socializing. Plan a day out with all your nearest and dearest – of whom at least some are single! Go to the beach, the park, a festival – embrace life! There will be a million other such groups of friends meandering their way through the heat of the day, happy in their own company but always up for meeting hot new strangers. People are just happier in the summer, more open – get talking to them! You never know who you might meet.

  • In summer, less can be more

It might seem counterintuitive, but dates in summer can be less extravagant – yet still actually have the effect of being somehow more special, impromptu, romantic. The balmy evenings beneath the deep orange sky, the gentle breezes – they all make even the simplest of outings feel truly cinematic. Stroll through public gardens, dine al fresco, go for a picnic – you’d be amazed at just how well a seemingly humble date can turn out.

Summer lovin’

Summer is a time of liberation and happiness, a time for hot romance, experimentation, twilight walks barefoot along the beach. Whether it leads anywhere more serious is up to you – but it could just be the start of something beautiful. Here at Maclynn International, we take great pride in finding our clients love with someone truly special, and our 85% success rate speaks for itself – and don’t just take our word for it. If you’re looking for love, ready to take on the summer with someone new, why not get in touch today and let us weave some summertime matchmaking magic just for you.


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