Time, Money, Love: How a Matchmaker Can Help You Find Happiness

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Wealthiness is often a direct result of having spent a large proportion of one’s time on one’s career — but sometimes at the expense of one’s personal life.

Time is money. It can be lost, spent, earned, or wasted. You never have quite as much as you need, but no amount would ever quite satisfy you, either. What’s more, you use one to acquire the other. Maybe you spend money on a cleaner in order to save time to spend with your family. Perhaps you spend time exercising in order to save money — in the long run — on your medical bills.

Here at Maclynn International, our fiercely busy clients enlist our world-class matchmaking team because they simply don’t have the time for idle chat, unsatisfying dates, and transient city-goers. After all, a myriad of studies have demonstrated that a long-term partner is the single greatest factor predicting a person’s lifetime happiness. What could be more important than that?

So much to do, so little time

As a person becomes wealthier, they experience time famine. Wealthiness is often a direct result of having spent a relatively large proportion of one’s time on one’s career — but sometimes at the expense of one’s personal life. A lot of our clients are savvy enough to realize that there really just aren’t enough hours in a day. So what’s a person to do?

In 2017, Prof. Ashley Whillans of Harvard Business School conducted research into the effects of time famine. She demonstrated that many wealthy people do not optimally spend their money in ways that could negate the anxieties directly caused by time famine. They continue to engage in time-consuming, stressful activities such as commuting and shopping, despite having the discretionary income to outsource these kinds of tasks to others.

Another incredibly pertinent study from 2017 was conducted by a team led by Prof. Cassie Mogilner of the University of Philadelphia, who found that more money does equal more happiness — but only up to $75k. After this threshold, happiness hits a plateau, even as income rises. These 2 studies strongly indicate, therefore, that individuals with this level of wealth would benefit dramatically from spending some of their discretionary income on time-saving services where they aren’t currently doing so.

What about online dating?

 In 2014, The New York Times found that singletons on Tinder spend up to 90 minutes a day swiping. The popularity of dating apps has increased significantly in the past 6 years, meaning the upper limit is now probably more in the range of a staggering 150 minutes of daily swiping.

 The problem with online dating is inherent. Sure, it’s great to be able to meet so many individuals and conduct your own vetting from the comfort of home, but it’s always going to be a one-dimensional dynamic until you meet. You can’t know for sure there’s going to be chemistry until you have that first, fateful rendezvous. And even if there is a spark, it can take a lot of hours, a lot of dates, to determine whether this person is a potential life partner, someone with whom you could share your home and build a life.

What can a matchmaker do for you?

After hearing the word matchmaker, a lot of people can only hear that song from Fiddler on the Roof. But matchmaking is by no means an old-fashioned practice, and it’s anything but a dying art form. Maclynn International conduct intricate, fine-tuned assessments that have taken years to develop in order to find clients their perfect match. We know your time is precious. Unlike online dating platforms, we are interested only in quality, not quantity.

Spending a relatively small proportion of your discretionary income on enlisting the services of a professional in the love industry means your dating life will become not a question of if, but of who. No matter your wealth or income, we return to that old adage: you can’t take it with you. Happiness is the currency of life. Romance is the sensation of walking hand-in-hand with the person you love more than you ever thought possible. These feelings are invaluable.

The matchmakers at Maclynn International have an intuitive understanding of compatibility and chemistry. Our unique psychology-led assessments and character-driven profiling will match you only with those individuals with whom you are most deeply and inextricably compatible. We are an elite, multi-award-winning international dating agency with a clientele of only the world’s most exceptional singletons. Get in touch with us today, and set out on your own path to happiness.

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