Senior Dating With a Different Approach

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Maclynn matchmakers are dating specialists who provide a genuinely bespoke and completely personal matchmaking service for seniors in their 60s, 70s and 80s across the US.

Age should never impact your journey to finding a forever partner. Our award-winning matchmakers at Maclynn are dedicated to helping our clients find love at every stage of life and our highly personalized and psychology-led approach to matchmaking supports this. Our senior dating process has been lovingly curated by our founder Rachel MacLynn and is designed to help introduce you to like-minded people who share your core relationship values and plans for the future.

Over 80% of our clients start a relationship within 12 months and we’re confident we can help you find your special someone.

To learn more about our private membership or to speak to one of our matchmakers today, please feel free to call us.

What is Senior Dating?

While it’s common to assume senior dating has several differences from younger dating, it isn’t always the case (especially through us). Of course, when you begin dating as a senior, your tastes, needs and interests will be different to your younger self and other younger singles. Senior dating is more commonly associated with finding a life partner, as opposed to going on several dates with different people.

Although dating apps and other online senior dating sites can help connect you with potential partners, they are often not tailored enough to an individual’s needs or expectations. With Maclynn, seniors can rest assured that they will receive a genuinely empathetic and specialized matchmaking service that prioritizes their needs and expectations.

How is Our Senior Dating Approach Different?

Age is never a factor at Maclynn International and each client receives a personal and tailored approach to matchmaking. We work with you to understand what kind of person you are and the type of person you’re looking for.

Our approach is empathetic and thorough, using psychology-led personal profiling which has been carefully curated by our founder Rachel and implemented by our matchmakers.

After speaking with our team and agreeing to a private consultation, you will be invited to our office or a video call to complete your compatibility profiling session. This is led by your personally-assigned matchmaker, who will become your confidant and friend over your 6-18 month membership.

You can expect to answer a series of questions designed to help us learn more about you; these questions cover your religious views, family history, past relationships and of course, your long-term relationship goals.

From here, your matchmaker will begin cross-referencing your private profile with our network of exceptional single men and women. Meanwhile, you will be free to continue living your life knowing that your love life is in the safe and experienced hands of your dedicated matchmaker.

After a few weeks, your matchmaker will return with several specially-selected and compatible profiles for you to peruse. If you like the look of one or two profiles, we can relay this to your potential date and from here, arrange a meet-up. Your matchmaker will take care of arranging the date but you can of course exchange numbers and talk to your date!

How We Find Your Forever Partner

We’re delighted to be the only senior dating agency that provides a private, offline and unrivaled network of singles covering the US and the rest of the world. We are unmatched when it comes to our network, with over 10,000 open members and exclusive headhunting of matches in your city or internationally and with over 80% of our members finding a relationship within 12 months, we’re confident we can help you find your forever partner.

When Was the Last Time You Went on a Date?

For some seniors, dating remains a daunting prospect, especially for those who have either recently come out of a long-term relationship or struggle with confidence issues. The good news is that these are common concerns that can be easily addressed with the right approach.

If this is your first date in some time, you may benefit from our specialized date coaching service. Our date coach and director of psychology services, Dr Madeleine Mason Roantree helps senior single men and women understand how their minds work and how this impacts behavior in a dating and relationship context.

Each client receives an entirely bespoke and unique experience to help them address and overcome any issues that may be preventing them from pursuing their relationship ambitions. This could be anything from helping boost your confidence on a first date or identifying the reasons why you feel dissatisfied with the results of your date experiences.

Returning to dating in your senior years requires re-learning dating etiquette and being proactive, so we have developed ‘Your Dating Blueprint’ – which combines a 2-hour consultation that includes expert advice from our award-winning matchmakers and date coaching from Madeleine.

For a New Approach to Senior Dating

To learn more about our date coaching process or if you’re looking to meet exceptional senior single men and women in the US or across the world, please call us or complete our contact form and we will get back to you.

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Since 2017, Gina has led Maclynn’s commercial function across the USA. Based in New Jersey and tasked with running the NYC & NJ offices for Maclynn, Gina lives and breathes Maclynn with the same enthusiasm as Rachel. Instantly likeable and bursting with enthusiasm, Gina utilizes her interpersonal skills and relationship expertise to orchestrate everlasting relationships amongst the handful of VIP clients she personally matches each year. When she finishes her day of matchmaking and steering the Maclynn ship in the USA, Gina turns her attention to her son and loving husband, Pat.

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