The Official Relationship Goal List | Realistic Relationship Goals

We all have separate goals for our relationship- where we want it to go, what we want from it, and how we expect to be treated.

But what are we aiming towards? What goals will help us achieve ever-lasting love? All relationships take work and setting down some relationship goals will help give your relationship direction.

Take a look at my key relationship goal examples below:

1. Travelling together without driving you apart

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The first time you go on vacation with your partner is usually seen as a big step for some and can come with a few hiccups. Whether you’re going on a small city break for a few days, taking a trip for a few weeks, or even travelling around the world together, being able to enjoy each others company for an extended period of time is an important stepping stone in your relationship.

The key is to be comfortable in each other’s company. Being able to travel with your partner is not only a huge bonus for future trips, but means you’re able to spend time together without driving each other insane. It shows maturity and respect for one another and is definitely a future relationship goal.

2. Getting on with the parents – even if they can be difficult

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We all know too well the negative cliches that comes with in-laws, but having a healthy relationship with your partner’s family is definitely a strong and long term relationship goal.

Even if they are difficult or you’re not particularly fond of them, being able to get along with your partner’s family shows maturity and respect. In the long run, you will want to form a healthy relationship with your partner’s in-laws, so work towards this. And if you’re already on good terms with the family, even better!

3. Being comfortable looking your worst

 future relationship goals
Being able to be open and confident in yourself around your partner is so important. This becomes easier the longer you have been together. It’s not about being lazy or not caring about your appearance, it’s about being comfortable enough around your partner that you can wear whatever you want and know that your partner still thinks you’re incredible.

4. Becoming more than just partners

 long term relationship goals

At the beginning of every relationship, we are naturally more careful around our partners because we’re still getting to know them. As time goes on, we get to learn what our partners do and don’t like, what they find funny and what they don’t and what’s acceptable to them and what isn’t.

Once these boundaries have been crossed and you’re confident you can tell them a terrible joke without them recoiling and questioning the roots of your relationship, your relationship should be pretty solid. You essentially want to become best friends as well as partners.

5. Communicating effectively through the good times and the bad

Every couple argues but it’s the way you argue that makes the difference. Being able to talk through your problems or concerns in a calm and dignified manner shows maturity and that you’re actually searching for a solution. It’s equally as important to be able to effectively communicate your love for each other.

From leaving little notes of encouragement and love before they go to work, to talking about your future together, communicating how you feel and the direction of your relationship is essential for achieving lasting love.

6. Be supportive of each other’s goals

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Remember that while your partner should remain the priority, it’s important that you take time for yourself to pursue your personal goals away from your relationship. Whether your partner is considering a career change or taking up a new hobby, be supportive of their decisions whenever possible.

If, for whatever reason you disagree with their motives or believe their goals are unrealistic, communicate this to them in a polite and understanding way. It’s important that you’re both open and supportive of each other’s goals outside of the relationship and celebrate each other’s achievements.

7. Talking about your future together and maintaining a strong relationship

 goals for a healthy relationship
Communication is at the forefront of a healthy and long-lasting relationship and it’s important to talk about your perfect relationship goals together. I’m not saying you have to have a formal chat about your relationship goals 20 years into the future, but knowing that you’re both on the same page is important for shaping your future together.

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