Do I need a Dating Coach?

02 July 2020 | 4 mins

From the person who hasn't been dating at all, to those who have been dating casually but are afraid to talk about the future, a dating coach can help.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with things. Our individual coping mechanisms that come forwards when dealing with the pressures of life can eventually weaken over time. With the lack of resilience, one can find themselves struggling, especially in the dating scene. But how does one know, if they could benefit from seeing a dating coach? From all ends of life, we can experience the pressure of life. Whether this comes from our work, family, health, or relationship, problems are inevitably going to pop up once in a while. While this is completely normal, many people choose not to ask or seek any help for handling these situations.  But how do you know for yourself, when is it the right time for you to see a dating coach? Let’s go through some of the steps, to see if you’re ready.

Why Dating Coaching?

A dating coach has a wide variety of functions. From the person who hasn’t been dating at all, to the person who has been dating casually but has been afraid to talk about the future, a dating coach can help. Within coaching, we can uncover the issues you’re experiencing and how to best approach them. Are you a confident dater? Are you limiting yourself by only dating a certain type of person? Do you always end up in the friendzone? Coaching can even optimize your online dating experience from where to look, how to match with more people, and what photos to choose for your profile.

First dates

When going on the first date, the process can seem daunting for some. Dating coaches can help guide you so the first date goes as smoothly as possible. For example, how to best present and represent yourself, what topics to discuss or avoid, and how to handle yourself if anything happens that makes you uncomfortable.

Offline dating

Sometimes you want to know what to do ‘offline’ too. Perhaps you are wondering why people never approach you in real life or how do I give my number away without seeming desperate? You and your dating coach can collaborate to answer these questions and come up with a plan to address them as well.

Relationship troubles

Coaching isn’t just for singles! It can also be helpful if you’re already in a relationship. If you are struggling in your relationship, whether it’s communication, intimacy, or just not being able to handle any of the conflicts that can occur, a dating coach can help you gain a better perspective on your relationship. Being able to discuss these things with a dating coach can help not only yourself but also your partner and of course your relationship as a whole.

Dating burn out

When you’ve been in the dating game for a while, you might have had a bad date or two. But the important thing is that you don’t let yourself be held back by negative past experiences. After being overwhelmed by a bad date, you might feel a little hopeless about your dating life. Going through these situations alone might leave you feeling depressed, a dating coach will be there for you to recognize what your triggers are and suggest how you can deal with your feelings constructively.

Bad self-esteem

When you have little faith in your own worth, it can be detrimental when trying to find love. This can lead to a dangerous and negative mindset that makes starting and maintaining a fulfilling relationship extremely difficult. Working with a dating coach can help you see all the things that you actually have going for yourself and enhance your attitude about yourself and dating in general.

Is it a failure to ask for help?

When you have spent many years putting up certain emotional barriers, as a way of protecting yourself, showing any sign of vulnerability can be hard. People think asking for help makes them look weak or that they don’t have their life together. This stigma needs to be broken. Going to coaching or therapy should be looked at no differently than going to the doctor with a broken arm. There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing assistance to set yourself on a path to personal development and success.

Can’t I just ask my friends for advice?

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your dating and relationship woes with friends and family but they may be too close to the situation to effectively help. Sometimes, you need an outsider with an objective opinion to share your most inner thoughts with. A relationship with a dating coach is not only personal but its also completely confidential, which makes it conducive to discussing things that you might not have been able to speak to your family and friends about. They may offer up some other ideas, that can make you see your life from a different perspective and give the ability to do something different.

If you feel that you are trying to juggle a lot of different things in your life, and dating has become of one them, you can get some help. At Maclynn International, we do much more than just matchmaking. We guide and support both singles and people in relationships through the ins and outs of their personal dating experiences. To help you understand yourself better, and create a better strategy for your dating life, get in touch with us today.


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