Gay Matchmaking in NYC

29 Jun

More and more gay men and women are turning away from the tired dating apps and gay bars and turning towards the highly tailored, gay matchmaking.

Rear view image of young gay couple walking with the pride event, hugging and waving pride flags

Most gay men and women will tell you that dating in the city isn’t the hard part – finding a lasting connection is. More and more of these individuals are turning away from the tired dating apps and gay bars and turning towards the highly tailored, offline approach of gay matchmaking.

If you are a successful gay or lesbian professional, you are likely thinking about the dating experience as a science. What a matchmaker-led service allows is for a completely offline approach that gets our clients out of bars and off the apps, and instead introduces them to a carefully selected pool of likeminded, high quality people. Gay matchmakers facilitate the screening and profiling of these potential candidates, ultimately leading to face-to-face introductions.

Maclynn International was founded by an Irish psychologist in 2011, who developed our matchmaking system using psychological principles. Our matchmakers dedicate themselves to understanding the core values of our clientele. We do this through a structured assessment our on-staff psychologists have designed, which aims to assess long term compatibility.

Consider for a moment how this experience might compare to that of a dating application, where it might take hundreds of swipes and dozens of dead-end conversations to get a date. Often times profile information isn’t easily verified, making it easy to lie. Even if you are lucky enough to find someone who you’d like to date seriously, long-term success rates on these apps aren’t promising. With a gay matchmaker, you are guaranteed introductions to people who meet your criteria.

Our team are highly experienced in matching gay clients, and our insights into the psychology of compatibility will help you get into a relationship quicker. Not only will we focus on compatibility of your values and relationship aspirations but we will also work with you to understand your physical preferences. Our experience and expertise coupled with your personal insight is a winning formula in finding your match.

Grindr is considered an almost totally visual experience for men-seeking-men (to the point that the New York Times reported on the recent connection between fashion and gay dating). Conversely, lesbians tend to meet their partners through their social circle and so focus less on photos or appearance.

Maclynn International is an award-winning agency and is considered to be amongst the best gay matchmakers in the world. Maclynn International’s matchmakers have been interviewed on radio and published in-print for their expert views on gay dating. With high quality services like this available to the gay community, there are more ways than ever to meet Mr. and Ms. Right. If you think matchmaking could be the best method for you, please contact us today to learn more.

by Elise Braunschweiger

Matchmaker, New York City

Elise was born and raised in New Jersey and is a Senior Matchmaker in the New York office. After graduating from Montclair State University with a degree in Humanities, in which she focused heavily on psychology, Elise enjoyed a fruitful career in client-facing roles, honing her interpersonal skills and customer service abilities. Elise believes the key to truly exceptional matchmaking is ensuring her clients receive only the finest service. She works with integrity, determination and fervor, and her passion for helping people find happiness makes her the perfect fit for the matchmaking industry.More by this author