Long-distance relationships are certainly not a new concept, however, what is new, is being forced into it because of a global pandemic. What else is new, is that it may be highly plausible that the person you are ‘long-distance’ dating may only live around the corner or a few miles away! It is looking like this scenario may be the new norm for a while, and so I wanted to share how to best navigate long-distance relationships, whether it is a brand-new concept for you or not.

Keep it fun!

Remember that the early stages of dating are all about getting to know each other AND having fun with it. It isn’t the time where you need to talk about mortgage rates or whether to have the in-laws over to stay. With a bit of imagination and a positive mindset to the world of virtual dating, it is possible to enjoy laughs and light-hearted moments together – even if they are over a screen.

After all, technology is your best friend…

Since lockdown, virtual date ideas have flooded the internet – ranging from virtual escape rooms to museum tours, to a Netflix Party and to dinner and wine over Zoom – the options are endless! Check out our favorite indoor date ideas here!

Set an end date

If you have ‘met’ someone online in the past few months and are dating in COVID times, although we don’t know exact time frames of when human interaction will fully resume, we do know that it will happen and hopefully soon.

While long-term relationships can work very well for a finite time, you will eventually want to be in the same area as your partner. Discussing and planning for an end date provides you with the comfort and security that you are both on the same page, are equally committed to the relationship, and want the same outcome.

Make time for each other

To make a long-distance relationship work, you must see each other and stick to a schedule. While technology is incredible for staying connected, you can’t replace face to face interaction and connection. Take some time off from work and find ways to meet up when possible.

Be confident and have trust in your relationship

In nearly every long-distance relationship, someone is bound to feel insecure at one point or another, which is completely expected and understandable. But chronic insecurity is toxic for any relationship and will sabotage it.

One effective way to manage this is by regular contact and reassurance. Keep your partner updated with what’s going on in your everyday life – remember they are a big part of your life and letting them know about what you are up to on a regular basis, will strengthen the trust between you. The way to build intimacy and trust in long-distance relationships is by showing your partner bits and pieces of your day by taking photos or short videos and setting time aside to share your experiences with them.

And finally… stay positive!

Having trust in your relationship will help you maintain a positive mindset within your relationship, and this positivity leads to long-lasting, happy relationships. Instead of counting the days or weeks, you have been apart, the countdown to how many days left until you are reunited! A study by Katherine Maguire from 2010, shows that couples who stay positive and take their long-distance as temporary, knowing they will reunite soon in the future, are much happier and less distressed in general.

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