Successful individuals, often approach dating with the same goal-crushing attitude they use in their career. I mean it’s worked when you were up for that big promotion right? Wrong. One of the biggest mistakes career-minded people can make in dating is treating it like a business transaction. So much so, that there is a certain danger in turning making a romantic date feel more like a meeting.

Don’t just talk about work

Yes, your career is a huge part of your life, but make sure you spend the date talking about something other than work. We tend to define ourselves by our career- but your date wants to know the real you, not the ins and outs of your business strategies. Take some time to reflect on some topics you can discuss like your interests, travels, and family and friends. Opening about more than just work will help your date get to know you better and create a stronger foundation for a genuine connection. ourselves, on the first date.

Ask questions- but not too many

It’s important to ask your date questions about themselves. In fact, one of the biggest complaints I get from my clients that have gone on dates is usually “they didn’t really ask me anything about myself”. When you enquire about someone’s life, it makes them feel good and like you care about them. Be careful with the types of questions and how quickly you’re asking them though. But use this advice wisely. As a professional, you may be used to asking multiple questions in a rapid-fire like speed. You don’t want your date to feel like they’re in an interview so ask genuine and thoughtful questions and take your time and really listen to the answers before you ask the next one.

Don’t be so serious

You may be accustomed to behaving quite seriously all day at work but being able to change your mental state, from being a high-powered executive is one of the most important things you can do before a date. If you’re coming straight from work, try to change your clothes before so you can feel more relaxed and like the real you. When you meet someone who is being themselves, it is both calming and refreshing. Don’t be afraid to crack some jokes and let loose! Being able to laugh with each other and share a genuine connection, is the key to a successful date. So, bring forward this other side to you, and don’t worry whether you will make an impression. You’ll be keeping it real, and that about all one can ask for on a first date.

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