For singles who desire something more personalized than dating apps, private matchmaking may be the solution.

Whether you find yourself fatigued from endlessly scrolling through incompatible people, or you simply don’t have the time to meet someone, Maclynn offers a unique psychology-based solution which puts you firmly in the driver’s seat of your dating life.

Through an intelligent combination of personalized consultations and psychology-based matchmaking, our dating experts can identify potential partners who share your core morals, beliefs, and ambition for a successful long-term relationship.

We can provide you with the tools you need to not only find a long-term partner but also to become your own relationship expert.


How is Maclynn Different from Dating Apps?

Your journey with Maclynn begins with a simple phone call or email. We can discuss our matchmaking services, how it works, and whether or not matchmaking is the right path for you.

From here, we can proceed with our custom matchmaking service.

Where straight and gay dating services in Los Angeles typically allow you to create a top-level profile, you are never guaranteed to meet the right people even after endlessly swiping. Maclynn’s psychology-based matchmaking service ensures you are matched with someone from our elite network who has the highest levels of compatibility for you.

During your first 30-minute private consultation and profiling session we will embark on a series of questions which will help your matchmaker to determine what kind of person you are, and what you’re looking for. We will also learn more about any previous relationships you may have had, and what kind of person you desire to spend your life with.

We will also discuss your sexual orientation, gender identity, your family and career, any religious beliefs you have, and any further topics you wish to talk over – including any further information you believe would benefit your consultation.

We aim to provide a compassionate and comfortable setting to talk openly, so whatever you decide to converse with your private matchmaker about, we operate under the strictest level of confidentiality and discretion.

This process is designed to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, so please feel free to ask questions.

Securing your Match in Los Angeles

Once your custom profiling session is complete, we will begin cross-referencing your profile and details with our network of elite singles. Our process is extremely thorough, meaning that it can take a few weeks for us to discover matches with the highest levels of compatibility.

During this time, you can feel confident knowing your love life is in safe hands.

When we find your potential matches, you can expect a call or email with an invitation to visit us in-office, or to arrange a video call, to discuss our findings. You will be able to peruse our chosen profiles at your leisure and, if someone stands out to you, we will get in touch to see if they share your interest.

Once a mutual interest has been agreed upon, we can begin organizing your first date. Here, you can share phone numbers and begin talking with your match to get to know each other before you meet.

Arranging your First Date

How we organize your first date will depend on you and your match’s location. For example, if you are both based in Los Angeles California, it will be as simple as agreeing on a time and place that suits both of you. However, if you match with someone further afield, whether it’s out of state or overseas, things start to get interesting.

You can work alongside your personal matchmaker to discuss the best place to meet your match. Whether it is in either of your home locations, a midway point, or another location, our dating experts have the capacity of arranging your first meeting almost anywhere in the world.

Maclynn – The Best Dating Service for Elite Singles in Los Angeles

Maclynn is one of the most exclusive dating agencies in Los Angeles. Our dating experts completely understand how chaotic and difficult the modern dating scene is to navigate, which is why our psychology-based matchmaking service is designed to allow you to go about your daily life whilst we search for your lifelong partner.

Whether you just wish to discuss our services and learn more about how our processes work, or you wish to become a private member of one of the top dating agency in Los Angeles, we’re available to give you the help you need.