1. Views on Commitment and Monogamy

The concept of commitment and monogamy varies greatly among individuals. For some, monogamy is a non-negotiable pillar of a relationship, while others might have a more fluid concept of love and commitment. It’s essential to be on the same page about what commitment means to you and your partner. Does it mean exclusivity, an open relationship, or something in between? Misalignment in this fundamental belief can lead to misunderstandings and hurt, so it’s crucial to have clarity and agreement from the outset.

2. Financial Philosophies

Money, often a taboo subject, is a critical aspect of any partnership. Differing views on spending, saving, and financial goals can be a major source of conflict. It’s vital to have open discussions about how each of you views money. Are you a saver or a spender? How do you view debt, investments, and financial planning for the future? Aligning on financial philosophies paves the way for a future free from monetary tensions.

3. Perspectives on Family and Children

Your perspectives on family and the possibility of having children are pivotal beliefs that require harmony. It’s important to discuss whether you want children, how many, and your views on parenting styles. Additionally, your roles within your extended families and the importance you place on these relationships should be considered. Disagreement in these areas can lead to significant rifts in a relationship.

4. Lifestyle Choices and Health

Lifestyle choices, including health and wellness habits, play a significant role in compatibility. This includes your attitudes towards fitness, diet, substance use, and overall health management. If one partner prioritizes a healthy lifestyle while the other does not, it can create discord and resentment. Aligning on how you both view and value health and wellness is crucial for a harmonious life together.

5. Beliefs About Work and Career

In today’s world, where work often plays a central role in our lives, agreeing on career goals and work-life balance is essential. Discuss how you view your careers – are they a means to an end, a passionate pursuit, or something in between? Understanding each other’s career ambitions and attitudes towards work-life balance is vital in supporting one another and managing expectations.


While it’s unrealistic and unnecessary to agree on everything in a relationship, aligning on these fundamental beliefs sets a strong foundation for a lasting, fulfilling partnership. These core areas – commitment and monogamy, financial philosophies, perspectives on family and children, lifestyle choices, and beliefs about work and career – are the bedrock upon which a healthy relationship is built. Disagreements in these areas can be challenging to navigate and may lead to irreconcilable differences.


At Maclynn, we understand the importance of aligning on these fundamental beliefs. We work closely with our clients to explore and understand their core values and beliefs. Our approach goes beyond surface-level compatibility; we delve into what truly matters to our clients to find them a truly compatible life partner. With our team of experienced relationship coaches and matchmaking experts, we offer personalized support and guidance throughout the matchmaking process. Whether you’re looking for someone who shares your financial philosophies or your dreams of family and children, we’re committed to helping you find that deeply compatible partner you seek for a meaningful, lasting relationship. Reach out today to see how we can help!