7 Ways to Impress Your Date

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First dates can be nerve wracking. Here are our top tips to impress your date, and to ensure you can secure the second, third and fourth!

  1. Be true to yourself

It’s nice to make an effort and impress your date, be on best behavior for that first impression, but just remember that if this is going to last more than 3 dates then you want to show them the real you. No, I don’t mean sharing your deepest darkest secrets, but perhaps show your sense of humour or your cheeky side and try to learn about one another. In order to secure that longevity, it’s all about how truly compatible you are and if you have that personality match. If it does get further than ‘just a few dates’, then you may want to take the next step, and this requires a mutual respect and a liking for one another that takes it from lust to love.

  1. Be courteous

Manners speak a thousand words and there is nothing more off-putting than someone who doesn’t show the same level of respect to every person you may interact with in the room. Whether you are on a date in a bar or a restaurant, showing genuine politeness and appreciation for your servers will speak a thousand words and show that you have a kind soul.

  1. Compliment one another

A compliment can go a long way, especially in the early stages of dating someone, but it only means something if the compliment is real. Rather than telling your date they look good, pick out what you like about their outfit, hair or scent to show that you have really noticed and are genuine in your interest. If you want to impress your date one step more, then delve deeper than just their appearance, tell them what you like about their personality; are they intelligent, witty or do they have a heart of gold?

  1. Show interest

Unless this was a blind date, it’s likely that you have spoken before so try and go back through messages or rack your brain for topics you have spoken about in the past. You can then ask questions and show that you have remembered and genuinely care about what they say. This shows that you value your conversations and are enjoying getting to know them, you don’t need to read up about it either; by asking questions, you can learn from them and show a more vulnerable side of your character. You build a strong relationship by aligning your personalities and core values, and you can only learn this by asking about who they are.

  1. Dress well

Nowadays with online dating and social media, you will most likely know what your date looks like before you meet them (unless your friend has aced the blind date). So, in theory the first step is over and it’s nice to know that they like the look of you! That being said, it can’t hurt to put on your favourite outfit and match a sexy cologne or perfume. Find that right balance between hot and modest – you want to leave them wanting more!

  1. Plan the perfect date

If the ball is in your court, then use it to your advantage. Start by asking your date about their favourite food or ask if they have somewhere in mind, this gives them the option to guide the date. Research some cool date ideas and take advice from friends that may know some hidden wonders in your city. You want to happily surprise and impress your date but also play it safe knowing that they won’t have pigs feet put in front of them, so choose wisely.

  1. Subtle confidence can go a long way

It’s easy to feel nervous leading up to a date, and everyone may react in different ways, so be sure that you aren’t a babbling idiot and don’t start bragging about yourself. A quiet confidence is always attractive, and it may be hard to find the balance between self-deprecating and cocky but I can assure you it will bag you a second date if you do it well. A presence of self-awareness may seem mysterious to your date and you can modestly steer the conversation around your achievements, whilst asking if they have done anything similar.

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Rachel Vida MacLynn

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In 2011, Rachel took a leap of faith. Following a series of serendipitous events, she founded Vida (now known as Maclynn) in London and never looked back. Rachel is a Chartered Member and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and holds a Master’s degree in Occupational Psychology. Her own values around integrity, delivering the highest standards, inclusion, and self-empowerment are at the core of Maclynn’s unique matchmaking model. Described by clients as calm, compassionate, warm and wise, she continues to be fully immersed in the business, working with a select number of VIP clients. In recent years, Rachel’s personal life has focused on raising her two young sons with her partner, Jamie. Rachel has also achieved her personal goals of running the New York Marathon and reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro.

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