But it doesn’t actually have to be that way. And I should know—I’m a matchmaker for lots of singles with this exact lifestyle! That’s why today I’m delving into my 5 top tips for dating while living the jetset lifestyle—tried and tested on my very own clients.

1. Don’t be shy

How many times have you traveled to a fabulous new location, then sat back and thought, “Well, I’m only here a week—no point getting to know somebody.”

I recommend the opposite! See this is a golden opportunity to socialize with people who have precisely zero knowledge or perception of you. You can be any version of yourself you want—zany and outgoing, quiet and mysterious—or hey, even just your regular old standard self. Reach out to friendly strangers, make conversation with chatty service staff, and don’t be afraid to make eye contact with a fellow single person when you go to the bar after work.

2. Stop putting off dating until you get home

With online dating being what it is, you really can catch a great date no matter where you are – provided your profile stands out! (Remember, it’s always handy to say you’re visiting the area. Not only does this make sure you and your date are on the same page, but it also stands out a mile when locals are swiping—everyone loves to play tour guide!)

It can be tempting to put dating off until you’re home—but if you’re traveling continually, that might mean putting dating off a long time. And for what? You could meet someone incredible in this city if only you put yourself out there. What have you got to lose? If it doesn’t work out, that’s one awkward encounter you’ll never need to worry about. And if it does work out, well, love knows no boundaries, right?

3. Be intentional about connecting—and staying connected

So let’s say you do meet someone awesome while you’re on your travels. They’re cute, they’re sexy, you have fun together—why pass up the opportunity to get to know them better just because they’re hundreds of miles away? Long-distance relationships are most definitely a thing, and there’s no excuse not to chat or FaceTime if you want to kindle that spark. Something seriously special can come from this, if only you invest the requisite effort.

4. Throw yourself into new activities

As we’ve seen, traveling is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and try new things. Because no one knows you, you can let your hair down with an activity that’s always intrigued you. So sign up to that salsa class. Join up with that hiking group for the day. Go to a yoga retreat. There’s nothing like forging a connection with someone who you already share a strong common interest with.

5. Explore your surroundings

Whether it’s a food market, live music, or even a group meet-up, there’s no end to the ways in which you can familiarize yourself with this new town, city, or country. Meet the locals, immerse yourself in the history of the place, and treat yourself to going full-on tourist for a day! People love helping out when they know you’re not from around here, and it’s a seriously great way to start a conversation with a beautiful stranger.

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