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Ridgewood (NJ) Matchmakers

Your Personalized Ridgewood Dating Service

Matchmaking for Ridgewood Singles

Maclynn International is a renowned New Jersey dating service that specializes in combining psychological principles with personalized consultations to help single men and women find their lifelong partner.

Ridgewood is a popular village in New Jersey and has a vibrant dating scene. Despite this, it can be tough to find the time or sometimes even the motivation to arrange dates. Whether this is because you lead a busy work life, family commitments or simply don’t have the time to meet new people, that’s where we might be able to help.

Our Matchmaking Methods

Unlike dating apps and other matchmakers, Maclynn adopts a truly unique and personalized process when it comes to dating in the Ridgewood area. Every client will go through a truly unique and personal matchmaking service with their assigned matchmaker and has the choice to match with eligible singles locally or further abroad.

To learn more about how our private matchmaking dating service works, contact our team to discuss your options or arrange your personal consultation below.

Join our exclusive network

Private & open membership tiers available

Private membership

  • Dedicated psychology-based matchmaking
  • Personally assigned matchmaker
  • Proactive search
  • In-house psychologists & dating experts
  • Access to over 11,000 Open Members
  • Exclusive headhunting of matches in your city or internationally
  • Over 80% of Private Members start a relationship within 12 months

Open membership

  • Strictly invite only
  • Passive profile registration
  • Psychology-based profiling with a matchmaker
  • Opportunity to be matched with a Private Member
  • No guarantees of being matched

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Combining psychological principles with professional consultation

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“My client can’t believe he’s able to feel such strong emotions for someone again..”

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Our New Jersey Matchmakers

Using Our Dating Service in Ridgewood

Our Ridgewood dating service is one of a kind and designed to introduce you to exceptional men and women who share the same relationship goals and aspirations for the future. Once you have contacted our team and are happy to proceed with our matchmaking and dating service, we can arrange a time and a date for your profiling session.

Your Profiling & Consultation

Your profiling session takes place in private with your assigned matchmaker. They, over the course of your private membership, will become your confidant and friend, as well as being responsible for identifying matches in reasonable distance to Ridgewood to suit your lifestyle.  Whether that’s just focussing on New Jersey, the tri-state area, or maybe even a national or global search our matchmakers can help!  The profiling session is designed to be relaxed and enjoyable, with the ultimate aim being to get to know you better. This may involve asking questions about previous relationships, any religious beliefs, your expectations of a partner and your relationship dreams and ambitions for the future.

As a general rule, the more transparent you are in your profiling session, the more accurate and appropriate your matches will be.


Once your profiling session is complete, your matchmaker will cross-reference this information with our private, offline network of exceptional men and women. Our network has over 11,000 members who have been selected and vetted by our matchmaking team based on a number of admirable qualities and achievements, including careers, culture, academia and language.

We will return with a number of compatible matches for you after two weeks. You will be able to peruse their profiles and if you like what you see, we can inform them and arrange a meetup. If you have matched with someone away from Ridgewood, whether it’s further into New Jersey or abroad, we can also arrange a midway meeting point or a location you’re both happy with.

Matches abroad: if you have matched with someone in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America or any other continent, we can arrange a time and meeting point depending on both your preferences.

What Makes Maclynn Different?

One of the major differences that separate our dating and matchmaking service from others is how we combine psychological principles with personalized consulting to identify highly compatible matches. You will also develop a strong and trusted relationship with your assigned matchmaker, who will become your confidant and friend over your private membership period. Everything about our dating service is tailored around your desires and expectations to save you time and stress when it comes to finding love in Ridgewood (or further afield).

Another aspect of our service that we’re extremely proud of is our private offline network of single men and women. Every person on our network has been specifically selected and vetted by our team, so you can guarantee that every match you receive is genuine, something that other matchmaking companies and dating apps cannot guarantee.

Can’t Dating Apps Do the Same Thing?

Dating apps simply don’t offer the same level of personal care and detail when it comes to finding a relationship. Of course, dating apps can be extremely successful, but there is always a risk that you won’t meet compatible people, at least not every time – which is where Maclynn differs.

We can guarantee that every match we find will be compatible on several levels because we cross-reference your profile with each person we identify on our offline network. Each person we find for you has been vetted by our highly experienced matchmakers to ensure they’re a fantastic match for you.

Another benefit of our matchmaking service in Ridgewood is that it alleviates the pressure of time from you. This means you don’t have to worry about finding the time to look for compatible people online or through dating apps because we take care of that for you. We know how stressful finding the time to date can be, and our service allows you to continue living your life without having to worry about looking for the right person after work or over the weekend.

Contact Our Dating Agency

Becoming a private member of Macylynn International is simple, simply contact our team by calling our head office or by completing the contact form. Start your journey to finding your life partner today by arranging a personal consultation with one of our professional matchmakers today.


How much does your matchmaking service cost?

For a full breakdown of your membership cost, you will need to contact a member of our team. We offer both open private and open memberships, visit our membership page for more information on what’s included in these packages.

Is my profile visible to the public?

As previously stated, your profile and your membership with Maclynn International is completely confidential. The only people who are able to access your matchmaking profile is our team. Everything is handled with the strictest confidentiality to ensure your privacy.

How has COVID changed the way you operate?

Our service has continued as normal throughout COVID-19. We have of course abided by the government’s policies, rules and regulations to ensure both our clients and staff remain safe during these confusing times. We are still able to meet clients face-to-face but we also provide video consultations if preferred.

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