Maclynn International is a New York-based elite matchmaking and dating agency that specializes in combining psychological principles with personalized consultations to help people find their life-partners. We adopt a tailored approach to matchmaking, using informal profiling sessions to understand what you’re looking for in a partner (core values, religion, careers, location among others) and then identifying potential matches from our private, offline network.

We know that time is a currency when it comes to dating and meeting the right person. With Maclynn International, you are assigned your own personal matchmaker so that you don’t have to spend time and energy swiping left and right on dating apps or online dating platforms and ultimately meeting the wrong people for you.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Private Membership or if you’d like to see some reviews from previous clients, please get in touch today.

What Does a Matchmaker Do?

The definition of a matchmaker is, ‘a trained professional who specializes in identifying potential partners and initiates long-lasting relationships for both female and male clients’. All matchmakers use different approaches for their clients depending on how the matchmaking agency operates and the personal preferences of the client. Matchmakers primarily focus on introducing clients to matches based on shared interests, but it’s up to the client and to sustain the relationship. Some matchmaking agencies also provide date coaching.

Does Matchmaking Really Work?

Yes, it absolutely does. At Maclynn International, we have an exceptionally high success rate of 85% but this number does depend on, being relationship-ready, having realistic expectations and also one must approach the matchmaking process with a positive attitude.  We have a much higher level of success with clients who possess a positive mind-set towards matchmaking, and to finding a partner in general.

What Service Can I Expect from Maclynn International’s Matchmakers?

Once you become a Private Member of our matchmaking agency, you will be assigned your own personal matchmaker to help you navigate through the dating world. They will become your confidant and friend throughout your 6-12 month membership and they will be there to turn to, regarding all relationship-based questions.

How Does Matchmaking Work?

At Maclynn International, it all starts by getting in touch either by calling us direct or sending a message via our contact form. From here, we will discuss your relationship goals and discuss our bespoke matchmaking process.

The next stage is inviting you to a profiling session – either through video, phone call or face-to-face. Here, we will begin discussing the type of person you’re looking for and get to understand what your core values are and what you’re expecting from your new relationship. 

Your matchmaker will ask you a series of questions that delve into your past relationships, family, hobbies, religion and relationship expectations. All information shared between you and your personal matchmaker is completely confidential. Try to be as honest and transparent as possible during your profiling session, as this will help us identify the most appropriate partner for you. We understand that some information may be sensitive, but many of our professional matchmakers have backgrounds in psychology and are trained to handle sensitive information to ensure you feel comfortable throughout this process.

Next, Identifying Your Matches

Once your profiling session is complete, your matchmaker will begin to identify potential matches based on the information you provided using our private, offline network. They will select a number of exceptional individuals that closely match your core values and long-term relationships goals. All individuals from our private network have been vetted by our matchmakers and excel in a range of cultural, academic, career and language-based achievements.  

Your matchmaker takes care of everything from here-on-in. They will take time to identify appropriate matches and contact you with their profiles for your perusal. If you like what you see, you can request to meet them (this is something we can also arrange).

Why Hire Maclynn International? Why Our Matchmakers?

What separates us from other matchmakers around the globe is the level of personal care and dedication we provide to each client. Every stage of our matchmaking process is tailored to exceed your requirements, from your initial consultation with your personal matchmaker, through to arranging where and when to meet your preferred match. Everything is taken care of by your matchmaker and they will always be on-hand to provide support and advice throughout your private membership. We also provide date coaching for those who have been or are struggling with dating or even a decline in communication in a current relationship. 

Our offline network of individuals is also something that we’re extremely proud of. This is a completely bespoke, one-of-a-kind dating network that allows us to identify the best people for you, based on your personal profiling session. Our network operates globally, so you could find love in the serene city of Italy’s Lake Garda, or even right around the corner in Manhattan.

The core benefits of our exclusive matchmaking dating service include:

  • Combining psychological principles with professional consultation;
  • Identifying quality, single men and women from our private network;
  • Award-winning matchmaking agency;
  • Elite connections across the world.

Do You Cater to Senior Matchmaking?

Of course! Love has no age limit and our services extend to all age groups. This is because our process remains the same for every client, no matter their age. We identify potential partners based on shared core values.

How Long Does My Membership Last?

Your private membership will last 6 – 12 months and during this time, you will be introduced to a number of exceptional people chosen by our experienced matchmakers. To learn more about how our membership options work, please contact us directly.

How Much Does using a Matchmaker Cost?

Our matchmaking company operates through a private membership, where you pay a membership fee to use our services. Once you get in touch and we have a clearer understanding of your requirements, we will go through the costings.

Get in Touch with Your Elite Matchmaker Today

Maclynn International (formerly trading as The Vida Consultancy) is a boutique matchmaking and dating agency with offices in Manhattan, New York, Los Angeles and Mayfair, London. Becoming a member of Maclynn International is simple, get in touch with our team by calling our head office or by completing the contact form. Start your journey to finding your life-partner today by arranging a personal consultation with one of our professional matchmakers today – we can even share some of our success stories.