Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles

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Become inspired by our cute, romantic and memorable date ideas in Los Angeles. We know the best spots for all the cute and romantic things to do in Los Angeles (CA).

Looking for romantic things to do in Los Angeles that go beyond your classic dinner and drinks shouldn’t be too difficult in a city renowned for its celebrity culture, rolling hills, canals and beautiful weather. As professional matchmakers, identifying the most romantic locations and experiences often plays a crucial part in helping you achieve a memorable first date. From cute walks across the Venice Canals to cliff dining in Santa Catalina, when it comes to romance in The City of Angels, Maclynn have you matched.

We’ve also included some romantic things to do just outside of Los Angeles because a change of scenery can breathe new life into your dating experiences whether it’s a first date or you and your partner are bored of sitting in traffic on the 101 on the way to the same bar. Take a look at some of our favourite romantic things to do in Los Angeles.

Visit the Griffith Park Observatory

The Griffith Park Observatory remains one of our favorite date spots in LA. Take a tour around the gateway to the cosmos by looking through telescopes, exploring exhibits and experiencing live shows in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium. If the observatory isn’t open or you would rather spend time outdoors, you can take a picnic and walk up Griffith Park and marvel at the stunning views of the Hollywood Sign, the observatory itself and the iconic LA skyline.

Experience One of LA’s Candlelight Concerts

When it comes to romance, you might find it difficult to best a classical concert held in a beautiful historic venue adorned with the gentle glow of candlelight. The Presbyterian Church plays host to a range of musical wonders, from orchestral tributes to Taylor Swift, to experiencing a talented string quarter performing Hans Zimmer’s iconic works.

Candlelight performances also take place in a variety of spectacular locations outside of LA, with every location carefully chosen to elevate the listening experience.

A Sleek and Suave Night at Sorriso

Dine in sweet serenity at Sorriso, located in the quaint and historic Old Pasadena. This late-night pop-up is an unashamedly romantic and original date idea. Sorriso is renowned for its colorful Mediterranean dishes, speakeasy ambiance and live entertainment. Perch yourself outside on a warm night in LA for a rustic and wholesome dining experience and enjoy being serenaded by a myriad of classics, from Neil Diamond to The Rat Pack.

For a genuinely authentic and romantic experience in LA, Sorriso has it all.

Marvel at the Korean Bell of Friendship Sunset

Donated by the Republic of Korea to the people of Los Angeles in 1976, the Korean Bell of Friendship is an ornately crafted bell, made from copper and tin, with gold, nickel, lead and phosphorus. The bell is located on a hill in San Pedro’s Angel’s Gate Park and boasts stunning sunset views over the Pacific Ocean. The Bell makes our list of romantic things to do in Los Angeles because it is, without a doubt, one of the best late picnic spots in LA.

Take a Walk Through The Huntington Gardens

Established by Henry E. Huntington and his wife Arabella, The Huntington is comprised of a library, art museum and beautiful botanical gardens that play host to more than 800,000 visitors a year. While the museum and art gallery are certainly standouts, one of the most romantic things to do in LA is to take a walk through their botanical collections. If you’re a bit of an anthophile or have at least some interest in flowers, The Huntington’s ‘What’s Blooming’ calendar allows you to see what’s in bloom throughout the year. This could be useful as you could plan to take your date to the gardens when their favorite flower is in bloom.

Cruise Along Mulholland Drive

Offering stunning views of the LA Basin, San Fernando Valley and the Hollywood Sign, Mullholland Drive is a casually romantic first date idea. Take a drive across this iconic road and park up with a picnic to enjoy the sunset or head there later in the evening to gaze at the stars. This date idea is a surefire winner whether you’re on a first date or you’re looking for something relaxed to do with your partner after work.

Escape to Shutters on the Beach

For those looking for a cute, romantic getaway from the bustling LA cityscape, take a trip to Shutters On The Beach. A seaside haven blessed with white sandy beaches and gentle ocean breezes, you and your partner can lounge in luxury in one of their iconic guest rooms. As their name implies, each beautifully and intricately designed suite boasts shuttered doors that open onto breezy balconies overlooking Santa Monica Beach and the private pool terrace. Each meticulously designed suite offers indoor and outdoor seating for al fresco dining over the Santa Monica Bay.

As the evening progresses, you will enjoy fine dining in their iconic signature restaurant spearheaded by the talented Sean Runyon. If you’re staying overnight, you can also take advantage of their brunch, which can be enjoyed from the comfort of your sunset suite or down by the sandy shores of Santa Monica Bay. If this isn’t enough, Shutters’ ONE Spa experience will blanket you in a fluffy robe and invite you to experience their steam rooms and massage treatments.

For couples looking for a romantic getaway (while still staying in LA!), Shutters On The Beach have you covered.

Marvel at Yayoi Kusama’s Mesmerizing ‘Infinity Mirrored Rooms’

Yayoi Kusama’s iconic installations are back and the good news is you won’t have to join endless queues to enjoy her work. After two years of waiting, Kasuma’s renowned Infinity Mirrored returns to The Broad and you’ll be able to book your space on the last Wednesday of every month. Each ticket allows you and your partner one minute to marvel at the wondrous kaleidoscope of colors inside her mirrored emporium.

The experience is designed to create a feeling of hypnotic tranquillity as you gaze into the boundless glimmers of LED lights and mirrors. This is one of the most mesmerisingly romantic things to experience in Los Angeles and it’s a date you’ll never forget.

Dine at the Michelin Starred Hippo

When you walk into Hippo, you’re greeted with high ceilings, pendant lights and rustic wood surroundings. While Hippo’s menu may look pretty familiar, the quality of the food is tough to rival. An Italian restaurant that specializes in a range of pastas, Hippo does the simple things well, in fact, Michelin Star-ringly well. The types of pasta are arguably the standout options, with every dish beautifully presented and of course, tasting incredible. Hippo’s atmosphere has a polite buzz to it, making it ideal for both casual, and romantic dates.

Our personal recommendation would be the Cool Summer Wax Beans; the dish is light and zesty with a crisp crunch, definitely a fan favorite and the go-to summer dish.

Head to the La La Land Jazz Cafe

What’s more romantic than visiting The Lighthouse Cafe where that scene from La La Land was filmed? The Light House Cafe hosted Director Damien Chazelle and actors Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in 2015 for the filming of La La Land. The cafe’s popularity has obviously increased due to the success of the film, but it has always been a cute and utterly romantic location for an LA date night. Live music is the main event here, so sit back and relax as you watch some of LA’s best local jazz bands take the stage and serenade you into sweet serendipity. Dancing is encouraged here, so don’t be afraid to flaunt your best Gosling or Stone impression!

Looking to Share These Romantic Experiences with Someone in LA?

Los Angeles doesn’t struggle when it comes to romantic things to do, whether it’s a romantic drive and picnic atop Mullholland Drive or a spa day at Shutters On The Beach, everyone should be able to experience the best of LA with that special someone.

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Even if it’s just for a call, get in touch with us today to see how we can inspire your dating journey and help you find your perfect partner.

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