The 10 Best Things to Do in New Jersey for Couples to Ignite Romance

13 January 2023 | 7 mins

There are many romantic things to do in New Jersey, but what’s the best? We explain the top things to do in New Jersey to ensure you have a great date.

New Jersey is full of opportunities to stoke the fires of romance. Whether you’re simply viewing the stunning coastline views on the Eastern Seaboard or delving into one of the region’s best comedy clubs, the state is positively saturated with understated things to do.

The state is huge, full of vibrant arts and culture, and some of the very best restaurants you can experience. There is so much potential with the number of things to do in New Jersey, and it can seem overwhelming with the sheer amount of opportunity for romance.

Fun Things to do in New Jersey at Night


See a Live Band at the Stone Pony

This premium music club has an extensive history, with world-class acts deigning to regularly grace its stage, meaning that you and your date are always in for a fun night here.

As well as offering excellent live music, this venue also offers a fantastic selection of drinks and finger foods. From house cocktails to craft beers, you’re certain to find the right accompaniment for your and your date’s nights.

The reputation of Stone Pony also means that you’ll need to book your spot in advance, as many Jersey-goers want to ensure that their stay concludes with at least one visit from a surprisingly high-profile act.

Book your spot at the Stone Pony

Satisfy Your Appetite for Comedy at the Stress Factory

If you and your date are in the mood for a laugh, the Stress Factory is the way to get your evening started on the right foot. This renowned comedy location boasts the region’s best comics which can quickly help you let your guard down and transform your evening into one filled with laughter.

Stress Factory also has a fantastic selection of drinks and finger foods to prolong your evening. A visit to the Stress Factory ensures that your evening is made unforgettable. Just avoid the front-row seats if you’d prefer to not get light-heartedly heckled.

Get your tickets for the Stress Factory Comedy Club

Romantic Things to do in New Jersey for Couples

Discover the Best Vineyards in New Jersey by Limousine

What could be better for wine lovers than a luxury tour of the very best wineries in New Jersey while being chauffeured via a world-class limousine?

Upon collection in your private limo, your wine-tasting journey will begin with a complimentary glass of local sparkling wine. Sip as you coast through the beautiful countryside and vineyards until you arrive at your first of four destinations.

You’ll discover why locals and visitors alike fell in love with New Jersey’s beauty whilst sampling delectable wines from boutique labels, historic estates, and well-known wine labels, all alongside customized tours of each winery. A truly first-class experience.

Secure your private limousine wine tour

Catch a Movie at Delsea Drive-in

While catching a movie isn’t usually the most romantic way to go about a first date, a drive-in movie offers that special something that amps up the romance tenfold. Not only are you and your date within the privacy of your own car, but you can chat and giggle to your heart’s content – all without the worry about bothering the guests next to you.

Delsea provides the perfect environment whether it’s your first date or its date night for long-standing couples. In addition to catching your favorite flicks, you can take advantage of the full-sized menu to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible – even if you aren’t actually watching the movie.

See what’s on at Delsea Drive-in

Exciting Indoor Things to do in New Jersey

Experience a Jazzy French Evening at Madame Claude Bis

There are several restaurants in Jersey City which are serving up incredible cuisine, but very few give you that truly authentic and luxurious European feel more than Madame Claude Bis. Located off the beaten path from the main road, Madame Claude Bis serves delicious French fare within a beautifully understated ambience – perfect for a romantic dinner to celebrate a special occasion.

Situated in a large elegant, yet cozy space, you can expect classic French bistro-style cuisine with a formidable wine list. Expect French staples of Coq Au Vin, Duck Confit, and Steak Frites, all whilst dining to the tune of a fantastic live jazz performance to add to the already wonderfully romantic ambience.

Gaze at the New York Skyline at the Concourse Club

The Concourse Club is a beautiful rooftop cocktail bar sporting mid-century decor which simply screams luxury. Offering stunning views of the New York City skyline, enabling guests to gaze at the glistening skyscrapers across the Hudson River, the Concourse Club is certainly the place to be for a romantic night on the town on a summer’s evening.

This fabulous establishment also has an extensive list of craft cocktails that are not to miss with modern-day twists on timeless classics and updated signature cocktails, whilst also offering a great selection of delicious food to keep the evening going.

How does a banana split and bourbon-infused milkshake shot with house-made coffee whipped cream share sound?

Top Things to Do Outdoors in New Jersey

Marvel at the Sunset Over Sunset Lake

This large reservoir offers some of the most beautiful sunset views across New Jersey, and it is perfect for those wanting a romantic evening whilst witnessing the natural side of the area.

There’s also a local amphitheater nearby which frequently plays host to myriad concerts, bands, and solo acts to make the atmosphere a bit more magical. We recommend visiting this stunning area a couple of hours before the sun begins to set so you can explore during the day, then lay a blanket on the grass with a bottle of wine to enjoy together as you watch the sun sink beneath the horizon.

Get Your Heart Racing at Six Flags Great Adventure

With a fantastic selection of wild rides, attractions, a drive-through wild safari, and an abundance of theme park-style fried foods, Six Flags is a must-visit if you haven’t been before. Just make sure to flex your muscles at mid-way carnivalesque games to bless your partner with an adorable giant stuffed animal.

Six Flags isn’t all roller coasters and water slides however as there are a great many enticing shows, animal attractions, eateries, and even shopping establishments to choose from – you’ll never run out of things to do here.

Unique Things to do in New Jersey


Sail the Skies Via Hot Air Balloon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to soar through the sky like a bird? Taking a romantic hot air balloon ride over New Jersey with your love is the best way to experience just that. Rather than being cramped up in an airplane, you can float hundreds of feet up in the air to see the land stretch out for miles.

Not only do you gain access to unparalleled views of the gorgeous New Jersey countryside and coastal areas, but drifting through the clouds with your favorite person with a complimentary glass of champagne is a completely unique and ultra-romantic experience.

Book your New Jersey balloon ride

Bring Out your Artistic Side Whilst you Paint and Sip

Whether you’re an artistic virtuoso or you struggle even drawing stick people, painting with a glass of pinot may help to bring out your more artistic talents. With a paint and sip class, couples are able to show their creative sides, or lack thereof, with the romantic, and often comedic, opportunity to paint whilst under the influence.

Each class allows couples to bring their own wine and paint a picture step-by-step so, whether you’re in for a portrait or landscape, you can bring out your inner artist and impress your partner with your potentially fantastic painting skills.

Book a paint and sip session

Find that Special Someone to Experience New Jersey With

Experiencing these amazing things to do in New Jersey with someone you care about is something everyone should be able to enjoy. Whether you’re going for hikes across the beautiful green countryside, trying your hand at tasting the region’s very best wines, or simply getting a coffee, it is part of our mission to introduce you to people who want to share these experiences with you.

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