How do Happy Couples Stay so Happy?

14 Apr

Ever wonder why some relationships, no matter how perfect they seem in the beginning, just can’t stand the test of time? There isn’t an official rulebook, but research shows that almost all stable and happy couples have many similar qualities.

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Ever wonder why some relationships, no matter how perfect they seem in the beginning, just can’t stand the test of time? While there isn’t an official rulebook on how to properly sustain a romantic partnership, research shows that almost all stable and happy couples have the following qualities in common.


Open and honest communication in a relationship may seem like a no brainer, but it is essential in building a foundation of trust, support, and intimacy between you and your partner. Not every relationship is the same and what might work for one couple, won’t work for the other. Some couples only call each other once a day, while others text each other every frivolous thought that may pop into their heads. There’s no right or wrong way to communicate with your partner. The important thing is that you’ve mutually decided what communication style works best for both of you within your relationship.


At Maclynn International, we believe two people are compatible when their values and lifestyles are aligned. Unfortunately, no matter how much a loving couple has in common- disagreements are inevitable. Understanding where your partner is coming from and being as accommodating as possible when you don’t see eye to eye is crucial to keeping the relationship healthy. Rather than avoiding any conflict, it’s important to communicate your differences and work as a team to alleviate any issues that may arise.


Speaking of working together as a team, it should come as no surprise that successful relationships involve equality. Teamwork makes the dream work right? The important thing to note is that the happiest couples are ones that use their individual strengths to their advantage by creating clear-cut responsibilities in their relationship. No, this doesn’t mean you need to adhere to archaic gender roles to have a prosperous relationship, but you and your partner will feel more fulfilled if you know what is expected of you to make things work.


Intimacy, which grows exponentially over time, is an essential part of any long-lasting relationship. Although there are many types of intimacy; emotional, intellectual, experiential, and spiritual, numerous studies have revealed that frequent physical intimacy, is essential in a happy relationship. In fact, the increase from having sex only once a month to at least once a week has the same effect on your mood as a $50k raise!

Long-term goals

Another extremely important aspect of compatibility is having shared relationship aspirations. Mis-aligned long term goals can be one of the most significant hurdles in the pursuit of happiness within a relationship. For example, maybe your professional objectives are interfering with the time you get to spend together or perhaps one of you wants to have kids and the other isn’t so sure. If you’re lucky enough, you and your partner will already be on the same page about your long-term desires. Unfortunately, conversations about future hopes and dreams, too early on in a relationship, can be awkward or even off-putting. Thus, you won’t truly know your partner’s aspirations until things have already become serious, which will most likely lead to turbulence down the road.

At Maclynn International, we understand the importance of creating a relationship that stands the test of time, and we can help make that relationship a reality for you. Contact us today and we’ll team you up with one of our experienced matchmakers who will get you started on the path to love.

by Lexi DeMinico


Lexi is a true New Jersey native, and she has always been fascinated with human behavior. She has extensive experience in applied behavior analysis and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Penn State University. Lexi is now applying her keen eye for behavioral analyses in a wholly different capacity, as a matchmaker in our New York office. Connecting the dots between psychology and dating, Lexi’s academic background makes her the perfect cog in the Maclynn International machine. Empathetic, optimistic and generous, Lexi is thrilled to now have the opportunity to use her experience to bring tangible, real-life happiness to others in their search for their ultimate partner.More by this author