Whether it’s dating tips for women in their 30s or dating tips for women over 35, 40, 50, or 60, this advice works for everyone.

Forget Everything You’ve Learned From Magazines

Disregard outdated, didactic advice about rules and games. You don’t need to wait a certain amount of time to text or call after a date, do what feels right. There’s no rule for when you should or shouldn’t have sex – as long as everything is safe and consensual. Dating tips for women from men can focus too much on what’s “desirable” or “attractive”. The best thing you can do is contained in the next tip.

Be Yourself

This one feels obvious, and even a little clichéd, but hear us out.

You’d be surprised how much dating advice there is out there instructing you to behave a certain way so someone will think a certain thing about you. Who has time for this? Being your most authentic self will help you in the long run. If someone doesn’t like you for you, finding out early is better than later. Being completely honest is an essential online dating tip for women and an especially essential dating profile tip.

Open-Mindedness Will Always Help You

Not judging a book by its cover is timeless dating advice, and an especially essential early dating tip for women. This doesn’t just mean taking little heed of someone’s physical attractiveness, though that is just as important.

If you’ve been struggling with your dating life, it may be because you’re dismissing someone straight away because of one small thing. Try to give people as much of a chance as you would want for yourself. An open mind is one of the best dating tips for women. This does however lead directly to the next point.

Don’t Ignore Red Flags

Yes, you should be open-minded, especially when you start dating someone. But don’t ignore the things that don’t feel right.

It could be that the person is putting you under pressure, making you feel uncomfortable, has intense anger towards their ex (calling them the “crazy ex,” for example), or is very erratic or possessive.

These could all be signs that getting into a relationship with this person would be unhealthy, messy, and potentially harmful to you. Make sure to familiarize yourself with red flags to look out for in a new relationship to save yourself hassle and heartache.

Don’t waste your time on toxic people, you deserve better.

Communication Is Key

Starting a relationship with prioritization of healthy communication is one of the best tips we can give you. Set your boundaries: is this just casual for you or are you looking for something more?

How often do you want to see each other? Do you prefer to talk over the phone than by text? Once you know how you feel about it, make sure to let the other person know. The earlier you do this the better.

It’s also especially important to communicate when you feel like you need something from the other person, like better communication about their feelings, for example. Sometimes, people aren’t aware that something they do is causing stress to others. You’d be surprised by how many things can be solved by simply being open and honest with each other. This is just one of many tips for maintaining a healthy relationship.

Make Sure You Like the Person, Not Just the Idea of Dating Them

This is also an important one. Sometimes you may just feel like you need to be dating, but this isn’t always the case.

You may be romanticizing the dating life, or romanticizing the idea of a potential romance, rather than concentrating on getting to know someone and whether or not they’re actually right for you. Focus on getting to know someone truly and try to put any ideas of how things should be out of your mind.

Don’t Give Up!

It can feel disheartening when you have bad date after bad date, or if you have a bad experience with one person. Don’t let this get you down.

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