Maclynn International is a private and vastly experienced matchmaking company based in New York (USA) with services stretching across the globe. We specialise in personal matchmaking and dating for over 50s across the US. Our matchmaking and dating process is completely private, personal and tailored to your exact requirements. Our job is to help men and women over 50 find love locally or internationally without having to lift a finger. We know finding the perfect partner can be tiring, difficult and even stressful in the modern world, which is where our service excels.

Through Maclynn International, you will be introduced to a number of eligible single men and/or women over 50 who share your core values and beliefs. Every match we select is tailored to your personal preferences and relationship goals.

Want to find out how we identify such perfect matches? Take a look below to learn more about our dating over 50s service.

Or alternatively, speak directly to one of our experienced over 50s matchmakers for advice on how to begin your journey and find love today.

How Our Dating for Over 50s Work

When it comes to love and finding the perfect partner for men and women 50 and over, our matchmaking process does not change. Many people believe that age has a significant difference when it comes to matchmaking, but we adopt the same bespoke process for all ages at Maclynn International. Whether you’re 50 and over or in your mid-twenties, our matchmaking process follows the same core principles of learning more about who you are, your past relationship experiences, personal preferences and long-term relationship goals.

Of course, every person we meet will go through an entirely different matchmaking experience, because everyone is different! However, we all share the same goals of finding someone perfect to spend the rest of our lives with. 

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Our 50 and Overs Process in the USA

After you have spoken to one of our experienced matchmakers, and you’re happy to continue with our process, your over 50s matchmaking experience can begin. 

This begins with organising a private and personal consultation with your selected matchmaker. This can be conducted over the phone, video call or in-person depending on location and your personal preferences. During this consultation, your matchmaker will ask you a series of simple questions with the aim of getting to know your past relationship experiences and what you’re looking for in a partner. This will include your long-term goals, core values, location (if you’re looking to meet someone locally or open to dating abroad) and of course, your potential partner’s preferred hobbies and interests. 

The more specific and honest you are with regards to your profiling session, the more accurate and compatible your matches will be. 

After your personal consultation has finished, your matchmaker will cross-reference your profile with our private, offline network of exceptional single men and women over 50. Our private network is something we’re extremely proud of and includes people who have been chosen based on their success in a variety of areas, such as academia, travel, career and language.

Once you have discussed your preferences and got to know your matchmaker, they will use this information to identify potential matches through our offline, private network of elite single people. It’s worth mentioning that our network includes exceptional mature singles based on their successes in careers, culture, language, travel and education. 

Once we have identified a number of compatible matches, we will get in touch with you and show you their profiles. If you like the look of your matches, you can tell us and we can inform them of your interest and potentially arrange a meetup! 

You will of course be able to exchange numbers if you both agree to meet up.

* Some helpful advice: If you have matched someone abroad (ie. not locally), we can also arrange a meetup in a mutually agreed location. For example, if you’re from New York and you have matched with someone in London, we can negotiate a middle point for you to meet.

How long does my membership last?

Once you have become a private member of Maclynn international, you will become a client of ours for approximately 6 – 18 months depending on the success of your matches. Membership timescale is different for everyone, but what we can guarantee during your time with us is that we will introduce you to several compatible matches that have the potential to go the distance. 

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Why Choose Maclynn For Dating Men and Women Over 50?

Our matchmaking principles are based on the following:

  • We combine psychological principles with professional consultation

What separates Maclynn International from other matchmakers around the world is how we merge psychological principles and personalised consultation. Our matchmakers are able to use their experience in this field to better identify potential matches based on your profiling session. 

Age never comes into question during this process because every person is different and will have different desires and life goals. Whether you’re a woman over 50 or a man over 50, our process remains bespoke and tailored to your requirements.

  • We identify compatible matches based on core values

Everything about our selection process is tailored to your core morals, preferences and long-term relationship goals. Every match we identify has been selected by our highly experienced and certified matchmakers to ensure they are compatible.

In fact, our exclusive offline network boasts an over 80% success rate for finding compatible matches. Above all else, all who have been selected to be a part of our offline network share one thing in common, their dedication to finding the right person. 

  • We are award-winning USA matchmakers

We have been awarded several awards over the last five years based on our reputation as a business, our approachable and empathetic staff and of course, client satisfaction. We are proud winners of the following awards:

    • UK Matchmaking Agency of the Year 2017
    • International Matchmaker of the Year 2017
    • European Matchmaking Agency of the Year 2017
    • European Matchmaking Agency of the Year 2016

Arrange Your Personal Consultation Today

After contacting our friendly team, we will help you to understand more about matchmaking in general, how our bespoke process works and whether you would like to arrange a personal consultation. For more information or general advice, get in touch with us today and start dating again.