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07 April 2020 | 4 mins

It's the time to get inventive with dating online, here are a few ideas you can do for a date night, date lunch or even a class with the National Ballet!

We may be in lost in cyber space right now, but that doesn’t mean there are not a load of fun things you can do for a date night, date lunch or in lots of cases, anytime that suits you! While it says London and New York below, this is online so as long as the time works, the Atlantic cannot come between you and having a lovely time with the object of your affection. Load up Zoom on your laptop so you can share and participate together.


Pub Quiz

Londoners love their pubs, and a quiz night is the perfect casual date, always a laugh, and they haven’t gone away! Get online together and go to one of these brilliant pub quizzes, no cheating people! Definitely have a chilled cider or a pint at the ready as well as your sharp general knowledge prowess. New Yorkers come and join the crowd in London!


Lynne_beyondthepalette  INSTAGRAM

Lynne Hanley is the Nigella Lawson of Art tours, funny, knowledgeable, entertaining. She’s all about Art, Drama and Passion. Her curated art tours are just brilliant. Follow her on Instagram and check for updates on her live sessions or watch them in playback. “A Tour de Force….fascinating, funny and memorable, you made the hour flyby” – Diana Isabel Jervis-Read – Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Soho Theatre Live

Soho theatre is renowned for it’s really eclectic and brilliant repertoire of entertainers from around the globe. Some super stars of stand-up comedy have played here, so if you are up for a laugh then tune in and check them out. Have your date join you and compete on who will show up with the most unique drink and a joke to go with it.

National Theatre

What’s better than the National Theatre for being on trend and also staging productions with a stellar cast of acting superstars. Knowing that audiences are starved of a night out in the theatre, they are streaming live every Thursday at 7pm some of the best British theatres for free. Organise the tipple of your choice, and remember this is THE only time you can eat a packet of crisps while watching without getting arrested by theatre aficionados in the next row.

English National Ballet

It’s never tutu much to go to the ballet. The English National Ballet not only want to share their fabulous repertoire, but they also want you to do a class with them. Now this could be fun. We challenge you and your date to come up with the best ballet outfits you can make up at home, and go to class together it will be a hoot and it’s totally en pointe.


Metropolitan Opera

The iconic date scene from Pretty Woman was them jetting to San Francisco to attend the opera, it’s just oozing with romance. So, get your black tie on gentlemen and ladies dress to kill, jewels and all, and go to the opera together. This definitely means popping a bottle of champagne, why not, you’re both worth it. Prepare to be transported and moved. You can also access the streams through the Met Opera on Demand apps for Apple, Amazon, and Roku devices and Samsung Smart TV.

The Met

So, the Met Gala is off this year, but it doesn’t mean that you and your lovely one can’t spend a night at the museum together. The Met online has some amazing tours of exhibitions and the incredible space all from the comfort of your living room. Check in together, take a wander with a glass of wine in hand.

Fun Music Presents

Boogie Nights are the best, so hook up with these groovy cats on Instagram and attend their live online dance parties. Zoom in with your date and make some shapes together to the best of disco, 80’s and 90’s music, it’s a total blast and you’ll have so much fun! Follow them on Instagram and check in regularly for announcements about upcoming online dance parties.

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