Dating in the Day, I Hear You Say?

25 Feb

Spring is on the way! People smile, runners return to the park, and lunch can be eaten outside. I believe this is the perfect time of year to harness that positivity and go dating - in the day!

Young couple enjoying a day dating at the park

Folks, it’s that time of year. The snow has receded, the temperature returned to positive digits and this morning I spotted blossom on the trees. Spring is on the way! People smile, runners return to the park, and lunch can be eaten outside. There’s a lightness to spring not only in the natural climate, but also in our collective mood. Perhaps we’re experiencing renewed energy after a long winters rest, but there’s a definite sense of potential in the budding air. As a matchmaker, I believe this is the perfect time of year to harness that positivity and go dating – in the day!

Dating in the day?

Yeah! I would recommend spring dating for a variety of reasons. We don’t need to hibernate in a restaurant as a storm crazes on outside – instead, we can get out in nature and embrace the day. It’s been well cited that being in nature releases endorphins – a fabulous way to create a positive atmosphere, from which your partner will associate you with having a good time.

Activities to do on a daytime date

There is a wealth of activities to do on a daytime date. Perhaps you want to show off your interests and invite your partner along to one of your favorite pursuits. Do you like to work out? Go fishing? Antique shopping? Visit an exhibit? Or why not discover a novel pastime together? Take an artisan cooking course at your local favorite restaurant, float up the river on a cruise, test your limits with an extreme sport such as rock climbing, mountain biking or white-water rafting. If you have a more delicate disposition, why not walk around the park, have a picnic, enjoy a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage . . .

Perks of the day

In my experience, daytime dating tends to be a far calmer affair than the traditional evening meet-up as daylight encounters lend themselves to informality. We can dress casually instead of stuffing ourselves into a stiff shirt or Spanx. Our minds are not leaping ahead to the potential of nocturnal adventures, so we can relax into the flow of the day. Being in nature or embarking on an undertaking together offers countless opportunity for discussion, thus enabling smoother conversation in which nerves can float away on the serene breeze.

Another perk of the daytime meet-up is the flexibility. We can cut and run if a casual coffee isn’t going well, but we can extend into lunch when we’re having a good time. Furthermore, if you’re looking to impress your potential beloved with a Broadway matinee or top-notch exhibit, tickets are often more widely available for daytime showings. Again, if you’ve had a good time, then this daytime activity could extend into the evening with a follow-on dinner. Plus, you’ll have plenty to chat about as you dissect the show you’ve just seen.

Arrange a date

If you’d like the opportunity to embark on a day time date, begin the journey to finding your perfect match by getting in touch with Maclynn International. Our trusted matchmakers are here to find you a companion, a partner with which to not only enjoy the day, but also the nights and long into a happy future together.

by Gina Yannotta

Chief Operating Officer, New York City.

Gina Yannotta is Head Matchmaker & Chief Operating Officer at Maclynn International's New York office. Gina’s unyielding passion for the field, in combination with her extensive experience in matchmaking, has allowed her to orchestrate successful and everlasting relationships amongst her clients. Tasked with running the Manhattan office, Gina utilizes her interpersonal skills and relationship expertise to make a splash in the matchmaking pool, personally connecting her clients with their ultimate match while simultaneously taking advantage of the endless possibilities that NYC offers to its client-base.More by this author