1. The Prince
Steeped in history, The Prince retains a classic ambiance reminiscent of a bygone era, complete with red leather booths and ornate decor. This restaurant is famous not only for its Korean fried chicken but also for its craft cocktails, creating a relaxed yet intimate setting. The nostalgic environment, combined with exceptional service, makes The Prince an ideal spot for couples seeking a blend of comfort and luxury.

2. Here’s Looking At You
Boasting a fusion of contemporary American cuisine with global flavors, Here’s Looking At You offers a modern, stylish dining experience. The restaurant’s sleek design and artful plating contribute to a sophisticated atmosphere that’s perfect for a special occasion. The innovative menu and the lively ambiance make this spot a great choice for couples who appreciate a culinary adventure.

3. Quarters Korean BBQ Quarters Korean BBQ adds an interactive twist to the traditional dinner date with its grill-your-own format. This upscale venue features state-of-the-art grilling technology and a chic interior design. The communal cooking experience not only adds an element of fun but also fosters a deeper connection as you share the joy of cooking and tasting together.

4. Ddong Ggo Ddong Ggo captures the spirit of Korean street food culture with an upscale twist. Offering a variety of dishes in an energetic, open-air setting, it’s perfect for those who enjoy a lively atmosphere. The combination of authentic flavors and a casual setting provides a relaxed yet engaging date night option.

Why Choose Koreatown for Your Next Date?

Each of these high-end venues in Koreatown provides a distinct dining experience, from the elegance of The Prince to the interactive fun at Quarters Korean BBQ. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to converse or a lively spot to laugh and share, Koreatown has something to offer every couple.

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