Over half the population of the United States celebrates Valentine’s Day in some form. Whether it be cooking a romantic meal at home, gifting a box of chocolates, sending a dozen roses, or simply writing a heartfelt card- over half the population of the United States celebrates Valentine’s day in some form. Throughout the nation, billions of dollars are shelled out every year leading up to February 14th. And although this holiday may be centered around love- it’s certainly not loved by everyone. So you’re alone on Valentine’s Day- so what? Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Truth be told, you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s day with the most important person of all- yourself.

Not all love is romantic love 

Valentine’s day is a celebration of love yes, but who says that it must be only about romantic love? The original celebration of St. Valentine had nothing to do with romantic love until the time of Chaucer. Don’t you remember giving out Valentine’s cards in Elementary School to everyone?  If not now more than ever, perhaps spend this year recognizing all the people you love in your life- some you may take for granted. Think about all the people you hold dear in your heart and do something special for them instead. Call your parents, send your nieces and nephews a box of chocolates, or surprise your grandma with some beautiful flowers and a thoughtful card. Their joy, from your small act of kindness, will remedy any feeling of loneliness that may pop up.

Treat yourself

Everyone knows the importance of loving oneself- although they don’t always remember or even know how to do it. While others may be out spending time, energy, and money on the object of their desire. Don’t forget that you also deserve to have time, energy, and maybe even money- spent on you as well! This Valentine’s Day, don’t be afraid to treat yourself like the queen- or king- you are! Buy that pair of shoes you’ve had in your cart for weeks, go have a massage, or bake yourself your favorite double chocolate cake you’ve been dreaming about for weeks. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to something that you really desire, not to mention, it’s one heck of a distraction as well!

Be your best self

Treating yourself is one thing but why not use this day to invigorate yourself as well? Do a workout class or go for a jog! Any unpleasant feelings will be no match for sweat and the endorphins produced by exercise. You’ll feel more productive, more attractive, and most importantly, at peace with yourself.

Why not do some organizing or cleaning around the house? After all, the way you treat your home is a direct reflection of the way you treat yourself. Take a page out of Marie Kondo’s book and get to work! Trust me you’ll feel more refreshed and relaxed in no time.

Sure others may be spending the day focusing on someone else’s happiness but you can be spending it on what truly matters, your health, your environment, and your mind.

Embrace single life

Try to remember it’s okay to be single. Sure, we all want to be in long-lasting loving relationships but don’t take your singledom as a sign that you need to change anything about yourself or that you’re unworthy of love. Enjoy the freedom of being single while you can- the opportunity to go anywhere and do anything. Honor your personal accomplishments and characteristics. You are not defined by the presence or lack of a romantic partner and you are so much more than your relationship status. Valuing your self-worth on your own means you’ll be that much more prepared for a healthy and loving relationship when the right person comes along.

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