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Living up to its name, the city that never sleeps is renowned for its ambitious and competitive work culture. Whether it’s long work hours or regular travel, our NYC matchmakers can help you to balance your busy career and your search for a partner, someone who can navigate these challenges with you.

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Balancing a Career and Love in NYC

In NYC, successful professionals often lead lives of ambition and achievement, yet struggle to cultivate meaningful relationships. The demanding nature of their careers often makes it challenging to strike a balance between work and love.

Finding a partner who understands the pressures and demands of a high-speed New York career can transform your experience of the city. Harmonizing a successful career with a fulfilling and committed relationship provides the work-life balance and emotional support to enhance your life.

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NYC-Based Matchmakers Dedicated to Your Success

When you choose to work with Maclynn, your personal matchmaker will create a tailored plan to suit your individual lifestyle. Far from the impersonal and time-consuming slog of online dating, with Maclynn you can expect a bespoke approach that helps you to find love on your time. With handpicked introductions from our carefully vetted network of 20,000 singletons, any matches will be tailored to align with your professional ambition and demanding schedule.

This might mean organizing consultations with your matchmaker for a time that suits you, or taking advantage of virtual or even out of state introductions if your working schedule involves a lot of travel. Whatever your needs, we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that our matchmaking works around you, and uncover opportunities for romance in the busiest of schedules.

What Makes Maclynn's Matchmaking Different?

Psychology-Led Approach

Our psychology-led approach to matchmaking offers several advantages over traditional methods.

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Informed Selection Process
  • Understanding Relationship Dynamics
  • Tailored Recommendations
  • Greater Emotional Intelligence
  • Psychology-based Feedback and Coaching

By leveraging psychological principles, we delve deeper into the core aspects of compatibility, resulting in more effective and meaningful matches.

Unrivaled Network

Our unrivaled network offers numerous benefits that set us apart from other matchmaking services

  • Network of High-Quality Individuals
  • Diverse Range of Backgrounds and Interests
  • Shared Values and Aspirations
  • Access to Exclusive Opportunities
  • Increased Compatibility
  • Enhanced Matchmaking Opportunities

We offer clients an unparalleled opportunity to meet and connect with individuals who embody excellence and share similar life goals.


Balanced Relationships

Our dating agency allows you to progress seamlessly through tailored introductions suited to your schedule, with psychology-led methods increasing our success rates.

The Maclynn Advantage for NYC’s Professionals

Our luxury NYC matchmakers are the secret to finding love while navigating the demands of a successful career. Working from the heart of the city, our team combines first-hand knowledge of the New York dating scene with psychological principles, creating meaningful connections between like-minded, career-driven individuals who complement each other’s lives.

With our innovative, psychology-led approach, we ensure that compatibility is at the heart of every match we make. Our NYC matchmakers connect their clients with partners who appreciate their professional drive, and who are prepared to navigate the challenges of balancing career aspirations with a fulfilling long-term relationship.

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Success Stories

“They fell head over heels, have been introduced to each other’s families, and are still together to this day”

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About Us

Learn about our 5-step matchmaking methodology

Maclynn’s Proven Matchmaking Methodology

Our process begins with an in-depth consultation where we delve into your career demands and the specific challenges you face in finding a compatible partner. We then curate potential matches from our network, finding individuals who not only align with your career ambitions but also all the other values that make you the person you are today. Someone who also understand the demands and nuances of working in New York City.

We provide the guidance and expertise necessary to navigate the challenges of balancing a successful career and a thriving love life. This includes empowering you to take control of the process, always having the final say in who you choose to connect with and meet.

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Optimize Your Dating Life With Maclynn’s NYC Matchmakers

For busy professionals in New York, building a well-rounded lifestyle can be a challenge. Our NYC-based team provides a tailored approach to matchmaking, which recognises your needs for balance and finds a solution that works for you.

With Maclynn, you can strike the perfect balance between an impressive career and a fulfilling relationship with someone who understands and empathizes with your responsibilities. Take the first step towards finding love that aligns with your ambitions, and inquire with our NYC matchmakers today.


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