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Whilst the expansive New York dating pool might seem promising, navigating it via online dating can lead to wasted time on dates lacking genuine chemistry. At Maclynn, our matchmaking service is tailored to help NYC’s professionals to find deeper connections with partners who share your ambitions and values.

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Navigating Compatibility in NYC

With New York’s multitude of potential partners from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles, finding the one in a sea of dating profiles can be a seemingly impossible task.

At Maclynn, we go back to basics but add a modern take on the art of matchmaking. Our team of expert matchmakers go further than the superficial aspects of online dating, using cutting-edge psychological profiling to understand what really matters; your core values, lifestyle preferences, and long-term goals.

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Maclynn’s NYC Matchmaking Experts

New York’s characteristic hustle and bustle can leave little time to uncover opportunities for compatibility and companionship. Regardless, finding someone to connect with on a deeper level, and even someone to simply enjoy the thriving local cultural scene with, can enrich your life in the City. By leveraging our network of exceptional singles and our psychology-based expertise, we handpick potential partners who not only match your criteria for attraction but who also have the potential for a life-enhancing relationship.

Our match network consists of 19,000 eligible singles, meticulously vetted and handpicked based on a comprehensive set of criteria. Many of our members are highly successful professionally and have accomplished great things be it through academia, travel or philanthropy. With Maclynn on hand to help you find a match, expect sparks to fly and conversation to scintillate.

What Makes Maclynn's Matchmaking Different?

Psychology-Led Approach

Our psychology-led approach to matchmaking offers several advantages over traditional methods.

– Comprehensive profiling

– Psychology-based matchmaking

– Reliable expertise

– Tailored advice

– Feedback and coaching

By leveraging psychological principles, we delve deeper into the core aspects of compatibility, resulting in more effective and meaningful matches.

Unrivalled Network

Our unrivalled network offers numerous benefits that set us apart from other matchmaking services

– Global network of individuals

– Diverse range of backgrounds and interests

– Strong London network

– Shared values and aspirations

– Team of ambassadors

We offer clients an unparalleled opportunity to meet and connect with individuals who embody excellence and share similar life goals.


Thoughtful Compatibility

Our dating agency's nuanced, psychology-led approach to compatibility goes beyond surface-level attributes to forge bonds between like-minded individuals.

Personalized Matchmaking for Greater Compatibility

For successful professionals who value deep emotional and intellectual connection, we are able to provide introductions to exceptional individuals in New York and across the globe. When you choose to work with us, you’ll be assigned a personal matchmaker who will come to champion you like a close friend and understand you like a confidant.

At Maclynn, we focus on the age-old adage: quality over quantity. This approach has resulted in countless fulfilling relationships between individuals who may not have otherwise met in the rush of New York City. You will remain in control throughout your membership with us, meaning you get the final say over who you choose to meet face to face.

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Success Stories

“They fell head over heels, have been introduced to each other’s families, and are still together to this day”

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About Us

Learn about our 5-step matchmaking methodology

Our Approach to Finding Your Perfect Match

Our five-step approach is designed to create a comprehensive matchmaking profile that is worlds apart from the superficial profiles found online. Your personal matchmaker will take the time to understand your core values, beliefs, and relationship goals, conducting thorough profiling and analyzing additional factors such as personality traits, interests, and lifestyle.

Our approach takes the guesswork out of dating, prioritizing intellectual and emotional compatibility for all of our clients and guiding them through the intricacies of getting to know a potential match on a more profound, personal level.

Experience Genuine Compatibility With Maclynn

With our psychology-led matchmaking techniques and highly selective pool of matches, we go beyond surface-level connections. Our dedicated team of matchmakers delve deep into compatibility, ensuring that we only introduce you to individuals who align with your intellectual, emotional, and lifestyle needs.

With our dedicated matchmakers uncovering the best that New York has to offer, you’ll never have to settle for anything less than genuine compatibility. Inquire with the Maclynn team today and let us guide you towards your most fulfilling relationship yet.

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