Do you feel like you’re a catch, but it seems like everyone’s swiping left? It may be your photos. No, it’s not superficial- it’s science. According to research, we process images 60,0000 times faster than we process text. So, even if you have an impressive bio full of accomplishments, charity work, and fascinating hobbies- you might be missing out on dates because the only picture you have of yourself is from a fishing trip you took in 2007. To put your best foot forward while dating, keep these few simple photo tips in mind.


If you’re worried that smiling is corny or makes you look like you’re too eager- that’s not the case when it comes to photos for dating. As a matchmaker, I find clients are much more attracted to photos of people smiling as opposed to serious or pouting shots. There’s evidence to suggest that we’re more attracted to a photo of someone smiling because it represents authentic happiness. Blue Steel may have worked in the movie Zoolander but when it comes to dating, photos with a natural smile are your best option.

Avoid wearing sunglasses

Eye contact in photos can be just as important as it is face to face. If you’re wearing sunglasses in every photo you might be giving off the wrong impression. Studies show that photos with people that aren’t making eye contact are often viewed as standoffish or apathetic. Sunglasses can also make you look secretive or suspicious which is probably the absolute last impression you want to give to someone you’re meeting for the first time.

Be aware of your body language 

Body language is subtle, especially in photos, but it can make all the difference. Take posture for instance, if you’re standing tall, you’re much more likely to be viewed as having confidence, which is more attractive than if you’re hunched over. Crossing your arms in front of your chest may be the go-to pose for your LinkedIn photos but it can often be misinterpreted as being closed off or domineering. Look at a photo of someone attractive, how are they standing in the photo?

Take note of their body language and try to recreate it the next time you’re having your photo taken.

Represent yourself honestly

When you meet your date in person, you don’t want them to be shocked and confused if you don’t look anything like your photos. If you don’t want to be accused of ‘catfishing’ avoid caking on makeup or excessively editing your photos to impress your date. Make sure the photos are as recent as possible. Unless you’re meeting your date in a time machine, your photos should be a clear representation of how you look today, not 8 years ago. If you’re seeking a long-term relationship and you’re insecure about the way you look, inaccurate photos aren’t the answer- remember the right person will be someone that is wholeheartedly attracted to you, the real you.

Still unsure about your photos? Don’t be afraid to ask someone you trust for advice. What may seem like an attractive photo to you may be sending out the wrong message to potential dates. If all the photos you have are subpar and outdated, have new ones taken, either professionally or by your friends or family. If you were struggling to find dates before, I can assure you that suitable photographs will make all the difference.

Put your best foot forward and begin your journey to finding your perfect match by getting in touch with Maclynn International. Our trusted matchmakers are here to find you a companion, a partner with which to not only enjoy the day, but also the nights and long into a happy future together.