Gay Dating in a Small Town

16 Aug

Feel like you are trapped in a bubble and cannot escape the same gay singletons in your small town? Well, you are not alone.

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In general, it is certainly a challenge when it comes to dating in a small town, since you already know everyone and let’s be honest you probably have already run through every reason you shouldn’t or couldn’t date them in your head. But, here at Maclynn International, we understand that gay dating in a small town is an even larger challenge. There’s no arguing that the options are, sparse. Perhaps you are one of the only gay persons in your community. In that case, it may be time to take matters into your own hands when it comes to getting back out there and we thought we’d help you out!

Bright Lights, Big City

COVID restrictions have been lifted in almost all states, meaning… clubs are back! Living in a small town may mean that the closest city is a great distance, so you could turn it into a weekender. There is nothing like socializing in a welcoming and stimulating nightclub and letting loose. Asking for a dance is a fun and flirty way to initiate a spark. Show off your personality by dressing to impress, you can tell a lot about someone based on how they present themselves. Or share a drink with a suitor, this is a great way to initiate a more intimate conversation.

Community Captivation

If night life isn’t your thing, then a great way to connect with other gay singles is through community groups. Attending a local LGTBQ+ club is a productive and creative way to mingle, while also contributing positive awareness to the public – what a win-win! Joining online circles, like Facebook groups or Clubhouse channels is a quick and seamless opportunity for engagement, too! If your town doesn’t yet have these resources, then you have the power to generate your own fate– a great way to show initiative and seriousness, all attractive attributes to dating.

Express Yourself

You may not be able to detect the gay individuals, but is it possible that they can’t identify you either? It is always important to maintain your truest self, but there are subtle ways to do it that highlight your association to the LGBTQ+ community. Adding a rainbow accessory, like a pin to any outfit is effortlessly eye-catching. Fuel your social media with pride-friendly content like sharing gay creators’ posts, adding a rainbow heart to your bio or highlighting impactful petitions & GoFundMe’s. Being observant is effortful when it comes to seeking out your future partner, and vice versa!

At Maclynn International, we are aware that these courses of action are measures that you may have already tested, but don’t stop there. Investing in a matchmaker is a tried and tested option to finding relationship success. In fact, for over 10 years we have been successfully matching gay singletons around the world. We pride (no pun-intended) ourselves in our established gay network, not only in the U.S., but globally. Maybe you have always dreamed of an adventurous trip to Europe with your significant other and sharing the love with its natural beauties – with us that dream could become a reality! We stand with the gay community, and our expert matchmakers would love to support you in finding your future partner.

If you’re curious about how we work or simply need some more advice about love and relationships, get in touch with us today

by Sarah Powell

Matchmaker, California

Sarah Powell is our Managing Partner at the California office. She is a native Californian and has also lived internationally in both Australia and the UK. She obtained a Baccalaureate in Biological Sciences and credentials in Applied Behavioral Analysis, which has provided her with a psychology-driven approach to matchmaking. Sarah previously founded her own date coaching business and has years of headhunting experience, thus is well versed in pinpointing compatible couplings. Sarah finds matchmaking gives her great purpose- a life dedicated to cultivating love and connection.More by this author

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