How to Cope With Being Ghosted

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To be 'ghosted', is when your date stops all communication with no explanation, often leaving you feeling hurt, confused and rejected.

The term “ghosted” is one that we are probably all familiar with in this day in age and even likely have experienced it first-hand. Ghosting is the digital phenomenon of a person completely disengaging from any attempt of communication without an explanation, as if they vanished in thin air. Rest assured; you are not alone. Whether it is straight up disappearing or the slow fade “Caspering” method, whereby they may reply to your messages to be ‘polite’, but take ages to respond and have no real intention of seeing you again, it sucks. According to a study from the Journal of Personal Relationships, more than 30% of modern daters would say they have been ghosted or have done the deed themselves. Furthermore, it is the unexpectedness that makes it hurt the most because it can happen at any stage of the relationship – right off the bat, in the middle of a blooming beginning or during a committed one.

But why do individuals’ ghost? “Relationship experts and psychologists agree that people who ghost are avoiding an uncomfortable situation. This evasion, while perceived as a lack of regard, is often because they feel it’s the best way to handle their own distress or inability to clearly communicate” (Susman, 2021). This act has become a normalized trend today, forming an epidemic of individuals who see it as a fair justification to end a relationship. With that, it is important to remind yourself that it is the weaknesses of the ‘ghoster’ and not you. This level of self-clarity can be easier said than done, so at Maclynn International we want to share with you our advice on coping with being ghosted.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

After all the time and energy in getting to know someone, to end up ghosted, creates negative emotions such as, confusion, anger, frustration, or disappointment. Another particularly unpleasant one can be shame – the most intoxicating emotion of them all. It can take us back to traumatic memories in our past that may trigger similar moments of rejection. Be conscious of this state as the shame is not on you, especially when it is a situation out of your control. Overall, acknowledge these feelings and let them simmer, as they are completely valid and understandable.

Resist Self-Blame

It is easy to interpret what went “wrong” as your own failing. When in fact it’s the ghoster’s lack of courage, accountability and maturity to address the situation that’s faulty. Look at it this way – acknowledging that through a ghosting experience you are unlikely to ever receive an explanation for the doing, so why blame yourself?

Power On

Kick back the urge to ask for answers or apologies. Be wary of ghosters that come back for an occasional haunting – leave ‘em in the grave! While it may feel personal at first, isn’t it great knowing that they aren’t the one? We may suggest taking some down time for self-care to avoid dating fatigue. Through focusing on yourself, your resilience and values pertaining to dating will only strengthen. Whichever direction you take, empower yourself to use those ghastly moments as learning lessons and carry-on dating – please remember, getting ghosted is not a reflection of you.

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Sarah Powell

Sarah Powell is our Managing Partner at the California office. She is a native Californian and has also lived internationally in both Australia and the UK. She obtained a Baccalaureate in Biological Sciences and credentials in Applied Behavioral Analysis, which has provided her with a psychology-driven approach to matchmaking. Sarah previously founded her own date coaching business and has years of headhunting experience, thus is well versed in pinpointing compatible couplings. Sarah finds matchmaking gives her great purpose- a life dedicated to cultivating love and connection.

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