LA is a an absolute playground when it comes to date activities. Indoors, outdoors. Summer, winter. There’s always something going on in LA for everyone. But there are some staples – those go-to places or activities that are kind of like familiar faces we sometimes need to revisit to remember just how great they are. Here’s my list:

Picnic At the Beach

A classic picnic date! Pick your favorite beach (or park), bring your favorite cold cuts, cheese, and snacks, and set up a romantic picnic during sunset! You can never go wrong with this idea. Great views and great company make for a classic date! There are many beaches and parks in Los Angeles to choose from…

My Favorite Beaches for a sunset picnic date:

Marina Del Rey
Ocean Park
Zumba Beach

My favorite Parks for a sunset picnic:

Barnsdall Art Park
Pan Pacific Park
Echo Park Lake
Palisades Park
Exposition Park Rose Garden
Kenneth Han

Visit a Museum

A great way to spend a couple of hours exploring historical, modern, and/or interactive art is going to the many museums Los Angeles has to offer. This is a unique dating experience since there are many interesting things to see and talk about! A great way to be immersed in culture and no such thing as awkward silence when you are taking in the art.

Great LA Museums to check out:

The Broad
The Getty Center
The Getty Villa
The Huntington Library/ Botanical Gardens
The Griffith Observatory
Mr. Brainwash Art Museum

Pedal Swan Boats at Echo Park

Echo Park known for its swan boats is a unique and fun experience to pedal boats around the lake centered in the middle of the park! An exciting activity to do either day or night. You can rent out a boat for an hour for $20 per person and have a blast pedaling around the lake. A fun experience to do on a date which gives time to talk and get a workout in.

Go on a Hike in the Palisades

Hiking is a fun date experience with amazing views! The Palisades has some of the best hiking trails with free parking! My favorite trails are Los Leones Canyon and personal favorite Temescal Canyon Park which offers different hiking trails to choose from. After hiking an hour or two, you’ll want to head to downtown Palisades to grab lunch. A short drive or walk from the trails. The downtown area has many shopping and restaurant options to choose from. Every Sunday there is a farmer’s market where you can stroll about and buy local produce! Downtown Palisades is truly a gem and a great post-hike resting area.

Indulge in Japanese Cuisine at Sawtelle (Japan town)

Known for its many Asian restaurants and Japanese markets, Sawtelle has amazing restaurants to choose from where you can indulge in different cuisines. Located on the Westside this long street filled with many restaurants from ramen to dumplings to sushi to ice cream has great food options to have a culinary date experience! If your date is a foodie, this is the place to go!

Some restaurants to check out:

For ramen check out –Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle & Tatsu Ramen
For incredible dumplings try Dan Modern Chinese
If you want a sweet treat after your meal, check out Somi Somi – a Korean dessert known as “Ahh-Bong” with a fish-shaped waffle cone filled with traditional Korean ice-cream flavors.
Last but not least is my ultimate favorite dessert found on Sawtelle – ice-cream-filled crepes topped with crème brulee from Millet Crepe! Though not Asian food per se, this is one of the best desserts you can find in LA!

Take a Pottery Class

One of the most interactive and enjoyable date activities is going to a pottery class! This is a great experience if you want to learn something new and make something for each other. If you don’t want to do pottery and skip right to the painting part Color Me Mine is a great option to choose different unfinished ceramic pieces such as mugs, plates, jewelry boxes, and even napkin holders to name a few. It’s a great date activity to let your creativity flow.

Sporting Game

Los Angeles is known for many things including its love of major sports teams. From baseball to hockey, LA is home to considerable sports teams which makes it worthwhile to have a date at one of the many sporting events. A Dodger game in the summer is always one of the best sports events to catch those stunning LA sunsets and views! Here is a list of sports team to check out when in season…

Baseball – Dodgers, Angeles
Basketball – Lakers, Clippers
Hockey- LA Kings, Anaheim Ducks
Football – LA Rams, LA Chargers
Soccer- LA Galaxy, LA Football Club


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