6 Tips to Relax Before Your Date

29 Apr

Feeling anxious before your date? That’s a good sign that the person is exciting to you! However, if you feel too much nervous energy, you may want to try these tips to help you relax before your date.

nervous about date


Taking a few deep breaths sends a direct message to our nervous system to calm down. Find a comfortable seat sitting on the floor or in a chair. Inhale through your nose for a count of 4 and exhale through your mouth for a count of 6. Repeat this breath cycle 3-5 times.


We have thousands of thoughts a day, 95% of them are the same and 80% are negative. The good news is we have control over the tape playing in our minds. Affirmations are positive statements that zap these negative thoughts. For example, “I am smart and sexy.” “I am interested in many things and I am interesting.” “I am fun and funny.” Pick your unique statements, make sure you believe them, and repeat them often.


Research shows that we have the power to create our reality. Visualize your ideal date from start to finish. Feeling the spark upon meeting, enjoying good conversation, smiling and laughing, walking home arm in arm, and having a memorable good night kiss.


Change the temperature and the scenery to channel some of that energy. Go for a mindful walk. Take deep breaths, swing your arms, pick up your pace, and feel the connection of your feet on the ground. Tap into your senses and take note of what you hear, see, smell, taste, and feel. Practice being in the moment.


When we move our bodies, the jitter bugs have a place to go. Movement of any kind works. Go for a run, do some sun salutations, or put on your favorite song and dance it out; exercise triggers feel good brain chemicals and music can lift your mood- bonus!


Feel good going on your date. Hit the barber or the nail salon. Put on something that makes you feel confident- a favorite shirt, signature fragrance, your power shoes. Confidence is sexy!


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by Angela Sanko

Angela is a matchmaker in Maclynn International’s New York office. She attended graduate school at Columbia University where she received a Dual Master’s Degree, MA and MEd, in Counseling Psychology and has called NYC home ever since. Angela has worked with individuals and groups, including couples and families, in various settings ranging from higher education to the health and wellness industry. Angela is passionate about relational dynamics. She believes that good relationships strengthen our body, mind, and spirit and that life is truly about relationships and human connection.More by this author