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Author: Madeleine Mason Roantree

Self Sabotage

I get it, dating is as daunting as is entering a relationship. Apps, dating websites and busy flaky people not responding. It’s so easy to get into a spiral of self sabotage when looking for love.

How to Communicate to Get the Relationship You Need

Not knowing how to communicate with your partner — or seriously lacking communication in general — is often seen in unsuccessful relationships. So how can you improve communication in your relationship and, in doing so, get the partnership you truly desire?

3 Steps to Survive Infidelity – For Both Partners

Few things hurt like it.
Unfaithfulness can feel like the end of the world. It can feel like everything the two of you have built – your home, your family, your lives – was built on falsehoods, on lies.
But contrary to how you feel right now, your relationship can survive infidelity – if you want it to. It depends on how the infidelity came about, how it was found out, and perhaps also factors such as how your relationship has been historically, whether you have children and how much the two of you truly wish to survive the infidelity.
Healing is painful – and can be for both partners. Even if you’re the who’s been cheated on, wronged in so many ways, you still need to genuinely commit to the healing process – otherwise it won’t work. You can’t minimise the pain you’re feeling, and you cannot speed up the reconciliation. Sometimes you’re going to have to set aside your hurt, your pain, your anger, and think clearly.
If you’re the cheating partner, things are going to be difficult, too. However, if you truly love your partner and wish to right your wrong, hope is not lost.

The 4 reasons you need to get your dates offline asap

Madeleine Mason met up with the new kids on the dating-app block, award-winning “Now Dating”, and asked about their thoughts on offline dates. While they are an online platform, they advocate for offline dating simply because spending too much time online has a detrimental effect on peoples health. Below are the 5 reasons why they think you need to get offline…

Yes, men are needy too, it’s not only women

Have you ever considered that women are not the only ones who worry about not being able to find a partner with in time to start a family? Men have an equally large portion of worry as women do: major fertility issues and the ‘social biological clock’.

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