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from LA

My client joined Maclynn International in 2015.  He was a tech entrepreneur based in LA  in his mid 30s.  He had a highly successful career and had recently sold his tech business.  As he’d spent so much time focussing on his business he hadn’t had much time for relationships so when he came to Vida he really wanted me to help him figure out who he was compatible with before beginning the search.  After a few sessions with our coach Madeleine Mason put hyperlink to her page,  we felt confident both he and I had a clearer idea of what we should be looking for.  A high achiever, someone with strong family values, a flexible lifestyle and someone who would be as happy at a five star hotel as they would be camping at a festival.  His sixth introduction was with a British lady in her mid 20s who had recently relocated. She was beautiful inside and out, running her own successful online fitness business.  They had lots in common, and both of them decide to take it slowly initially but after a few months were happily in love and have now moved in together.  

– Mia


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