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Matchmaking San Francisco

Matchmaking in San Francisco

Specializing in Elite Dating

Whether you are in Silicon Valley or overlooking the Bay from the prestigious Presidio Heights, there is no doubt that San Francisco is a special place. With so many opportunities, creatively, culturally and professionally, the Bay Area is a melting pot of unique individuals. If you would love to meet your ultimate match, yet find it impossible to get the time to completely focus on this pursuit, we can help you.

Maclynn International’s extensive global network comprises some of the world’s most exceptional singletons. A great number of our members are truly impressive individuals, whether through academic or career achievements, creative and artistic prowess or through their philanthropic activities that strive to make the world a better place.

On the quest for love, our psychology-trained professional matchmakers help eligible, exceptional single men and women just like you, every day.

Our Unique Matchmaking Methods

At Maclynn International, our matchmaking model uniquely blends professional consultation with psychology-led compatibility profiling. Our methods are personalized and tailored to your needs.  We leave no stone unturned and work with closely with you to define your ideal partner, what you truly want out of a relationship – then make it happen.

In addition to our highly qualified team of matchmakers, we have headhunters based in key cities across the globe on hand to support us with your tailored search. This enables you to focus your valuable time elsewhere, safe in the knowledge that a Maclynn International’s matchmaker is scouting for the most eligible, sophisticated and compatible match for you.

So don’t hesitate any further, send us an enquiry today and take that first step to finding your life partner and the love of your life!

Join our exclusive network

Private & open membership tiers available

Private membership

  • Dedicated psychology-based matchmaking
  • Personally assigned matchmaker
  • Proactive search
  • In-house psychologists & dating experts
  • Access to over 10,000 Open Members
  • Exclusive headhunting of matches in your city or internationally
  • Over 80% of Private Members start a relationship within 12 months

Open membership

  • Strictly invite only
  • Passive profile registration
  • Psychology-based profiling with a matchmaker
  • Opportunity to be matched with a Private Member
  • No guarantees of being matched

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Combining psychological principles with professional consultation

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“My client can’t believe he’s able to feel such strong emotions for someone again..”

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