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Matchmaking Los Angeles

Award Winning Dating Agency

Exclusive Matchmaking in Los Angeles

For the best part of a decade, we at Maclynn International have worked hard to provide our clients with introductions with exceptional individuals in Los Angeles and across the globe.

Dating is complex and time-consuming in the best of settings, let alone in a city that never sleeps like Los Angeles. The digital age has brought timeless working hours, endless communications between mega hubs. Maclynn International recognizes that you don’t have the time to proof and vet everyone competing for your time. We know that your time is precious, so we want to make sure that when you give it, it is worth your while.

Each of our clients is different, so our approach is always tailored to the individual. We take the time to find out your core values by understanding your attitude and beliefs around a multitude of areas.  During your membership with us you will receive multiple introductions all of which have been carefully screened by our matchmakers.

Our Elite Matchmaking Agency

Our matchmakers wish to guide and consult you as they would a friend. Over the course of your membership, you will spend a lot of time with your own personal matchmaker, this will allow us to get to know you even better and will ultimately accelerate the vetting process. If you want to meet your ultimate match, we want to help you find them.

We Matchmake You With Exceptional People

Our offline network of eligible single men and women is unrivalled. Meeting new people is made easy thanks to our dedicated and experienced matchmaking team, who only match you with members that share the same life goals and values.

We hand-select each person based on a variety of values, including academic achievement, language, their career and long-term personal goals.

Join our exclusive network

Private & open membership tiers available

Private membership

  • Dedicated psychology-based matchmaking
  • Personally assigned matchmaker
  • Proactive search
  • In-house psychologists & dating experts
  • Access to over 10,000 Open Members
  • Exclusive headhunting of matches in your city or internationally
  • Over 80% of Private Members start a relationship within 12 months

Open membership

  • Strictly invite only
  • Passive profile registration
  • Psychology-based profiling with a matchmaker
  • Opportunity to be matched with a Private Member
  • No guarantees of being matched

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“My client can’t believe he’s able to feel such strong emotions for someone again..”

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