Romance for Culture Vultures: NYC and London

05 Oct

Cultural activities are full of romantic potential and guaranteed to put a little zest into a date.

Young couple visits an art gallery

A dose of culture and specifically cultural activities are full of romantic potential and guaranteed to put a little zest into a date. The arts have always acted as a catalyst for the expression of love. Romance on a canvas, sculpture in the park, live jazz, and a glass of wine. While the logistics of romance these days may be confined to dates closer to home, there’s nothing like a bit of culture to ignite conversation, observation, and romantic inspiration.


New York

Some of the City’s most magnificent art museums are back up and running, allowing safe and socially distanced visits. Although spontaneity can be the spice of life, we suggest booking your tickets online ahead of time. The Met is now open 7 days a week, with Thursdays and Fridays until 7pm. The Cloisters in Washington Heights is also open as of mid-September.

If you like something with a modern twist, then the MOMA will fit the bill. They’re open until 9pm which is perfect for those that want to check out the latest exhibits after dinner. Again, make sure to book ahead of time as visits are timed for safety purposes. If you enjoy your visit enough, you might even want to consider a membership. This will grant you access to some of the specially curated events for members only.

On the Upper West Side, there’s a wonderful slice of culture and theatre life waiting for you at the West Bank Café. Take advantage of sweater weather and snuggle up in the outdoor seating (with heaters) as the vocal stylings transport you and your date to another beloved era of Manhattan.

If you’re an animal lover too, head to Doggy Bags in the Garment District. Artist, Will Kurtz’s installation features over-sized sculptures, all made from recycled materials, of six different dog breeds. You and your date can take pictures with Daphne a vizsla, Harriet the chihuahua, Gomer the English bulldog, Maisy the Pug, and Stanley the Basset Hound. You might meet some real live doggies and their owners too!

You and your date will go bananas over Gillie and Marc Schattner’s massive gorilla sculpture at Hudson Yard’s Bella Abzug Park. King Nyani, part of their Love the Last project, was designed to bring attention to critically endangered species.

Finally, if you want a selfie with one of the most iconic and enduring images of 60s Pop Art- then you need to see “Love” by Robert Indiana. Go to the Paul Kasmin Sculpture Garden and see the piece originally created in 1965 for the MOMA’s annual Christmas Card. Put a bit of love and romance into an iconic date moment with.



If you’ve ever been to London, you’ll know that Mayfair is one of its most upscale neighborhoods. Throughout October you can experience the Mayfair Sculpture Trail in which renowned galleries present special artworks in standout locations. Antony Gormley’s Cinch is perched on the North Façade of the Burlington Arcade. Henry Moore’s Time-Life Screen is above Hermes, and you’ll find Bruce Maclean’s Handbag Heads at One Hanover Street.

You definitely won’t want to miss out on the final run of The Luna Cinema in early October. Located in Dulwich Park, you can experience Joker, Jojo Rabbit, Rocketman, The Greatest Showman, or Pretty Woman. Don’t forget to pack some gear, to keep you and your date dry and warm. Book now so you don’t miss out on this incredibly romantic, cinematic experience!

You won’t freeze at the Frieze in Regents Park if you think Autumn weather, and wrap yourself in the object of your affection. This outdoor exhibition of 12 international artists is scattered beautifully in the English Gardens, including themes of civil rights, ecology, and the role of the artist as a disruptor.

Cultural icons such as Princess Diana, Amy Winehouse, The Sex Pistols, and David Bowie are just some of the legends that appear in “Icons at the Riverside Studios” in Hammersmith. Have you ever wondered what it means to be a star? This exhibition will allow you and your date to explore this notion while quietly holding hands gazing at familiar faces. Book online now for a this hit of culture and a fabulous date night experience.

The fabulous Bridge Theatre at Tower Bridge has re-opened with safety measures firmly in place. Beat the Devil, written by David Hare, involves his experience of contracting Covid-19. A stimulating, thought-provoking, and rare opportunity to see superstar, Ralph Fiennes, live on stage. Tickets are still available, but you’ll need to hurry to secure your spot for an epic date night.

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by Gina Yannotta

Chief Operating Officer, New York City.

Gina Yannotta is Head Matchmaker & Chief Operating Officer at Maclynn International's New York office. Gina’s unyielding passion for the field, in combination with her extensive experience in matchmaking, has allowed her to orchestrate successful and everlasting relationships amongst her clients. Tasked with running the Manhattan office, Gina utilizes her interpersonal skills and relationship expertise to make a splash in the matchmaking pool, personally connecting her clients with their ultimate match while simultaneously taking advantage of the endless possibilities that NYC offers to its client-base.More by this author