Do you work with clients internationally?

07 Nov

We do indeed. Our team of international matchmakers covers most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, USA and Asia.  We have offices in New York, Los Angeles and London.

by Joseph Bennett


Joseph is an Assistant Matchmaker and hails from a small village in the English countryside, and moved to London in 2015. He has a long-held interest in evolutionary psychology, which spurred him to read Biological Anthropology at the University of Kent. He then read for a Master’s in Evolutionary Anthropology at University College London, writing his thesis on the game theory of dating apps. Joseph received Honours with Distinction, and his thesis is in the process of publication, co-authored with world-famous evolutionary anthropologist Professor Volker Sommer. Joseph is warm, friendly and patient which makes him a perfect fit to work with our busy Senior Matchmakers and plays a key role in helping our many clients meet their ultimate match.More by this author